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— According to the webmaster of The Honky Tonk Man’s official website (www.HonkyTonkMan.net), the recap of The Shoot interview where HTM said he made up the rumor that he was going to TNA was taken out of context.

According to his webmaster, Jeff Jarrett contacted The Honky Tonk Man for a TNA legends deal with Jakks Figures to create merchandise.

What Honky Tonk Man is referring to is no deal to appear on air. However, he is/was indeed in talks with TNA for a merchandising deal.

— According to a post on the SLAM! Wrestling website, Brooke Hogan is rumored to be joining TNA Wrestling. They wrote: “With Brooke Hogan’s career in music and television stalled, it is rumored she might take an on-camera role with TNA.”

— Last night’s TNA live event in Joplin, Missouri drew approximately 2,000 fans to the 2,700 seat Joplin Memorial Hall. The event saw Jeff Jarrett defeat Mr. Anderson in the main event.

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  • Not Terry Bollea

    Leave Brooke Hogan and Lacy Von Erich alone. You are lucky that they will even let you guys look at them.

  • Proud WWE Fan

    damn am i glad i dont watch this Sh*t

  • NuclearShadow

    I could just imagine her music and her coming out in the red and yellow and doing all of Hogan’s trademark fan reacting moves. Then the bell rings and the first thing that happens is she botches in taking a bump breaks her neck.

    Of course if that actually ever did happen I can see both Hogan and Bischoff going so low to actually try to capitalize on it.

  • stockshark28

    BTW Linda Hogan’s coming in to manage Kurt Angle!!!!

  • !?

    Not really Dill, she’s not that hot.

  • damkat

    oh boy, Brooke in TNA….another stellar move by the hulkster…..not

  • Proud WWE Fan

    this is too funny…damn this is why im glad to be a WWE fan…to think ppl wanna say Sh*t about WWE but yet they aint anywhere near this sinking ship…ohh wait WWE aint a sinking ship so whatever…R.I.H.(Rest In Hell) TNA-WCW V2

  • jim

    booke hogan going to TNA would be the nail in the coffin imo.stay tuned TNA could be dead before they even start breathing.

  • Chris E

    I don’t think it was that much of a stretch to see Honky do something with TNA. Him and Hogan were tight for years and I read that is how HTM got his shot at WWF. Ferris also worked with Jerry Jarret back in the Memphis days, so I could imagine he knows Jeff well. He definitely is an entertaining individual.

  • James Mills

    Dear god, this is the LAST thing TNA needs!!!!

    The only valuable role she could possibly play, would be if Desmond Wolfe or Mick Foley laid her out with a lariat, which could heat up a programme between them and Hulky.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Or she could just hook up with another rapper, and get paid to be his whore in music videos…

  • lynner

    next will be nick hogan and then tna will sux then they can call it the hogans wrestling. hogan needs to leave it was doing good with him and his ass kisser eric n.

  • artie

    WTF whats she gonna do plug her awful music>? joke & a laugh at her

  • Rob

    Eurgh! Hogan continues to ruin TNA

  • Billy Mays

    Nick will put someone in a coma we dont want that edgehead

  • edgehead15

    Omg Hogan just go ahead and bring the whole family. Put Brooke in the knockouts divison. Therefore Divas and KNockouts will be on same level.

    Also bring Nick! Make him a wrestler.So superstras and wrestlers on same level!

  • scooter

    you know whats sad I think I’d rather see brooke on interviews instead of Bubba still why hogan wants her I know just gotta ask whoever it is above why we have to suffer brooke
    wonder how long till nicks world champ!

  • Nobody

    Hey! She could join the Beautiful Pe……hahahahaha… couldn’t keep a straight face on that one

  • i love hulk hogan

    This has to be a joke right. As much as I’d like to stick this 25 inch salami in brooke hogan I don’t think her on tna would ever be entertaining. Scratch that. Let’s put her and that other dumb blonde lacy von erich on a team and call them the blonde bimbos

  • Jojo2

    @ Brooke Hogan joining TNA – Terrible…….just terrible

  • TNAWWE101

    Anyone else looking forward to tuning into TNA Knows Best? …I would hope that this is JUST a rumor.

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