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Cover For Chris Jericho’s Book Released, Randy Orton Not A Fan Of Babyface Character, More

— The cover for Chris Jericho’s much anticipated follow-up book to the New York Times bestselling A Lion’s Tale, Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps, has been released.

To view the cover, click here.

The 432 page hardcover book will be released on February 16, 2011.

— Randy Orton is not high on his current babyface character, reports the Pro Wrestling Torch. The reigning WWE Champion feels he’s a natural heel and would prefer to play that role.

— Yesterday was Matt Hardy’s birthday. He turned 36 years old.

See photo of Chris Jericho locking lips with Kelly Kelly ->

  • MGMT

    randy is a natural heel like Natty ice

  • Robbie Williams

    Randy Orton as a Face, is about as pathetic as my AID and I selling meth, from my wheel chair behind Bee’s Corner Store…

  • RawIsWar

    I hate that Jericho cover lol he should of did his classic pose on the ramp or something, On the cover he’s dressed more in a rock & roll type attire (yes i know he’s also rock star) but if it’s a wrestling book then shouldn’t the book cover be more prone to wrestling, like his new dvd cover has… rather then some random pose…

    Has for Orton i agree with him he should be a heel some wrestlers are better heels then faces HHH, Y2J, Vince etc… he’s way more entertaining as a heel just because you’re a heel doesn’t mean you can’t be the face of the company look at Austin…

  • FutureDivaWWE

    he really should be a heel again!!! he was way more awesome as a heel! John Cena should be heel too!

  • jokeraven

    i can’t believe that randy thinks he’s a face, he’s a tweener, and actually with all this viper nickname and stuff he’s like stone cold was back on the attitude era. a tweener who attacks everybody on his way, just like… vipers. orton vs. heel cena would be awesome, cena heel rapper gimmick was good.


    I don’t blame orton for not liking his face role. Back when he was a heel, him and edge were the best heels in the business. They just have the natural heel persona. And I heard orton an asshole in real life too lol. It funny because I heard it’s the opposite for edge because he wants to be a face, but he’s just so perfect at heel role.

  • Legend Killer

    I agree he doesn’t seem comfortable as the good guy, or at least it doesn’t match up to the gimmick he has. Having said that i like it personally because he isn’t having to kiss the backsides of the audience to get them to cheer; he just goes about his business whether right or wrong and people either love it or don’t, and of course we all do love it! Cena/Heel vs Orton/Face would be very interesting.

  • Rich

    i am a big fan of orton but he is an idiot for this…i mean here wwe is ready to push him as a top face and turn cena heel and he dosen’t want to be where cena is..i mean think of all the randy orton merchandise and endorsements and movies and besides i look at him as a tweener anyway.

  • theTruth

    I agree with Orton. I think he sucks as a face.