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– Below is the cover for WWE’s upcoming “Rey Mysterio: The Life of a Masked Man” DVD set, courtesy of WWEDVDNews. The three-disc set is currently scheduled to be released in North America on June 12th, in DVD format only.

The DVD reportedly features 2 ECW matches, 6 WCW matches and 12 WWE matches from Rey’s career.

“For the first time ever, Rey Mysterio sits down and reviews his historic career, reflecting on his greatest matches and moments. This all-new interview features exclusive and candid comments from the Ultimate Underdog on his Sports Entertainment path through ECW, WCW, and WWE; his rivalries with Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, CM Punk; his thoughts on battling men almost twice his size, and his emotional Cruiserweight, Intercontinental, and World Championship runs.”

  • Goku

    Again, he’s not holding anyone back. Creative and Vince McMahon are the ones holding back the talent. He might have a say, but they are not going to change a whole storyline.

  • Goku

    Again, he’s not holding anyone back. Creative and Vince McMahon. He might have a say, but they are not going to change a whole storyline.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Yea but all “main event” wrestlers have a say. They can change how amatch ends. If they go an say it hurts their character to lose, it carries weight. Rey’s name an drawin power allows him to carry weight. He put over Rhodes because he picked rhodes himself. As far Ziggler goes, he was sposed to win the ic title durin a fued wit Rey and Rey complained that he didnt get a real run with a major wwe title an so they had Rey retain the ic title only to get injured not long after

  • Goku

    Again, he’s not holding anyone back. Creative is.

  • Karina

    I agree 100% with Goku. He constantly puts people over every night, you guys need to STFU. He has put Rhodes way over, Punk, he boosted Truth. So he’s the ultimate baby face, and is sweet to the fans. Is that a bad thing? No, it isn’t.

    I swear, day after day the IWC hates on Rey more and more for being a nice guy. I’ll agree, he doesn’t do half the things he did in WCW, but it’s called aging and growing up. The same thing will happen to you guys too. And how do you know “Rey bitches and moans?” Do you work with WWE, I highly doubt it. FYI, you can’t believe everything some half-assed wrestling sites post.

    And honestly, if Rey did complain about not putting Ziggler over because he wanted that title, he rightfully deserved so. He hasn’t held a title since 2006, and 3 years without a title is a pretty long time. Especially for a name as large as his.

  • theMark

    agree with u 100% rey needs to either retire or jus put over people for the rest of his career, all he does is bitch and moan, and he’s in the main event status instead of Del Rio or Sincara(who is still fresh) Rey jus Has to say that he’s the #1 mexican wrestler….time to move over Rey and let younger and fresher talent take over.

  • venom


    Yes, it was good that rey put over R-Truth and Cody Rhodes recently. Rey is was known for not wanting to put over talent before. He was suppose to drop the IC title to Ziggler a few years ago, but he complained. As a result, this hurt Ziggler at first. Rey refused to put over CM Punk at 3 ppvs last year because Rey complained. This year Rey is doing good and hasn’t complained about losing a match. Everything that i just explained is what TheMark was talking about.

  • Teran

    People who say Rey is overrated never saw him in WCW.

    Basically he became lame as soon as somehow the barely over 5 feet ultimate underdog started beating everyone on the roster and sucking the fans’ dicks on a consistent basis.

    Honestly, I dunno what it is with me just being turned off by characters that suck up to the fans. Ah well, personal preference yadda yadda

  • Goku

    Sick ass cover by the way.

  • Goku

    Hogan still wrestles??? Now that’s an overrated wrestler. Rey has put over Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, R-Truth, heck, he has even put over Chavo Guerrero. But you have to remember, he isn’t the booker. The writers and the bookers decide who gets over in a match, so your complaints shouldn’t be directed at Rey, but at the writing and “creative” staff.

  • venom


    Rey is overrated. He was good years ago, now he is injury prone and is careless. I’ll give him some respect if he knows his role and helps put over talent before he retires. You probably still watch Hogan and friends bury everybody.

  • Goku

    @The Mark: Overrated? You probably think John Cena is the best wrestler of all time.
    @Anon GM: Sin Cara hasn’t shown shit since he came from CMLL. I got to see his matches in Mexico, and many of his spots are the ones Rey does. However, I’ll give him credit on this, his finisher in CMLL was “La Mistica’, it’s a great move and lord knows why he isn’t doing it now.

    Basically without Rey Mysterio, there would be no Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes would in the same spot as Ted Dibiase.

  • theMark

    No One gives a Crap about Rey!!!
    he’s an overrated wrestler now and b*tches and complains to get what he wants!

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