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The cover artwork for WWE’s The Attitude Era DVD and Blu-Ray has surfaced online and it features a collage of over 40 Superstars, including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Sable, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Mike Tyson, Dude Love and Val Venis.

Here is the cover, courtesy of WWEDVDNews.com.

The Attitude Era

This three-disc DVD and two-disc Blu-Ray is scheduled for release on Nov. 20. The synopsis reads: “In the late-90s, WWE was struggling for ratings survival while a cultural shift in the viewing audience’s taste was occurring. “Saying your prayers and taking your vitamins” had lost its luster amongst the rebellious masses who preferred “flipping the bird” and “laying the smackdown”… Enter Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and Mankind and the notorious crop of edge and fearless Superstars who ushered in The Attitude Era. Now in this 3DVD set fans can own all the infamous moments from this controversial and revolutionary era that redefined sports entertainment for an entire generation. Over 8-hours of envelope-pushing content includes all the agression, antics and innuendos that proved to be the perfect cocktail for an explosion of popularity.”

  • aaron

    @wcwsaturdaynight YES, the Attitude Era was serious as a heart attack….at points. But there were definitely points that were just goofy. You have a guy so bad ass that glass just breaks when he enters the stage, there was a “light heavyweight champion of the world” that came out to giant sparklers, you had an announcer who referred to women’s breast as puppies, you had a group of white dudes pretend to be a group of black dudes and one Canadian in which the skinniest of them all dressed up as the fattest of them all and a line that still remember watching they said “and if you went into the Rock’s dressing room Man, you did not want to smell what the Rock was cooking”

    Yes, the 90s was a goofy era, also check out some of the clothes they wore

  • g@k.com

    wrestling is what attitude era made it……………………

  • jackthebeast

    I love that era but if the dvd is rated pg like the rest than no thank i`ll stick to youtube

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    What an f’d up cover. To me the Attitude era was serious as a heart attack, and this cover makes it look like some kinda Joke.

  • Hank Moody

    My decision to purchase this rests on how much Austin vs McMahon and Undertaker vs Kane content is on the DVD’s. Best feuds ever (and I mean only the first Undertaker vs Kane feud was amazing, not the rest of them, just to make that clear…).

  • Razo Power

    Is that Gillberg behind Vince !!

  • Dee durp

    Pretty cool homage to Sgt. Pepper.

  • Wellsy

    Man, that cover brings back some memories!

    Bit of a shame that they’ve for Mankind and Dude Love but no Cactus Jack. No Shamrock, XPac, Chyna or New Age Outlaws but they’ve got Marc Mero, Jacqueline, Gangrel and Big Bossman.

  • rabid

    Yurple the clown bro…. How could u forget yurple bro she was there when mr socko was born… Lol

  • bob

    Isnt the pink haired clown from the Foley -rock this is your life segment

  • mike

    Bad cover but definetly gonna pick this up. I mwan how could you not, if youre true wrestling fan.

  • My Morning Jacket

    That looks pretty fucking terrible. I don’t exactly remember the person with the pink wig next of Mick.

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