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Former WWE creative writer Chris DeJoseph (a/k/a Big Dick Johnson), who worked alongside Vince McMahon from 2005 through 2010, ripped his former employer over last night’s Randy Savage tribute video on Raw. He feels it’s hypocritical that WWE would sing the Macho Man’s praises after he had been ostracized from the organization during the final years of his life.

Pointing the finger of blame to Vince McMahon, DeJoseph wrote on Twitter, “Vince is steaming watching this Macho Man package.

“Only in death Macho Man was allowed back on WWE TV. Such a shame. Such hypocrisy makes me sick.”

He continued, “I was always told never to mention the name Macho Man EVER!”

DeJoseph then recalls pitching Savage for a storyline years ago and being told to never mention his name again.

“We pitched Macho Man and then we were told never to mention his name again because it was “personal,” he wrote.

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer reported years ago that whenever someone on the writing staff pitched an idea to McMahon about bringing Savage back to WWE, he would immediately get angry and shoot the idea down flat. One day, however, head SmackDown writer Michael Hayes pitched an angle about Savage. Instead of giving his usual angry, expletive-laden response, McMahon peered off into the distance, collected his thoughts and said, “I do not want to do business with that man.”

  • JAck45

    … he was already back with WWE in a way… he was in the all stars game ;)

  • Teran

    Wow Vince is even a great heel irl.

  • Soulshroude

    Vince had his reasons…

  • Jeff

    You dont talk bad about the death! Vince is a asshole and everything he done back fires.. ya all remember when he faked his death? Then Chris did how embassed was Vince coming back on TV to tell the world that he wasnt dead

  • KitKrock

    Randy Savage popped Steph’s cheery.
    Lucky son of a bitch.
    I wonder if he came inside her sweet tight young vagina.

  • CJ

    For you people saying that Macho was content and didnt care about being in the business anymore, you couldnt be further from the truth. He was on the Hitman-Groberman show in April and even said how recently he had gotten to be in the video game (wwe all stars) and toys, but what he REALLY wanted was “one of those rings you(bret)and hogan have” its really sad because If Hogan and Hart have one certainly Randy deserved one, now he’ll never get it…He will no doubt get a posthumous induction but we all know thats BS….Vince might have had his personal issues but he really dropped the ball with the WWE fans, he has an obligation to give his paying fans what they want to an extent….You guys should check out the interview its at the 80 minute mark, the whole show is pretty cool they let fans call in and ask bret questions the site is

  • keylo

    Howe says Piper and Steele (macho’s contemporaries) both give legitimate, credible reasons for the rift between mcmahon and macho, and yet we’re still throwing around the stephanie rumor? You think Vince would want to do biz with someone who had slapped him or had completely pulled a reverse montreal screwjob on him?
    Like piper is going to say any thing bad when you consider they still use him from time to time and gets a nice few quid I dare say for it?
    He had no issue working with Hart who spit and punch him in the face and walked out on the company like Randy did for more money then Vince could give his stars at that time compare to what they got at wcw.

  • misfit del rio

    @ devil rising, what’s the difference between Cena, Hogan, Austin, The Rock??, they all got shoved down our throats. If its always been about the “fans” than accept the fact that Cena is the most poplular wrestler in the world right now.

  • Devil_Rising

    You know…seriously? Vince McMahon sounds to me like one big, spoiled rotten, egotistical kid. I used to have a LOT of respect for him, for what he did for Wrestlemania, and the fact that he was involved in so many huge stars I loved from the past, but seriously….what an asshole. He basically DID tell all his wrestlers to be on steroids back in the day, even thought not all of them were (Bret Hart and Ricky Steamboat come to mind…I doubt Jake Roberts really was either). Then he turns around and gets mad at Hogan for testifying against him about it.

    All the McMahon stories I’ve heard, even the semi-”funny” ones in Mick Foley or Chris Jericho’s books, STILL makes him seem like an enormous asshole. The way he runs his company is pure bullshit. It should not be the wrestlers having to impress Vince, or “wrestling for an audience of one”, that’s stupid. The wrestling business is and always has been about the FANS, and what the FANS want or like or dislike. If fans love a guy, that guy should be pushed, period. If they don’t buy him, he shouldn’t be shoved down their throat (cough, CENA, cough).

    All in all, it really sounds to me like Vince needs to just grow the fuck up, at the age of 60-something.

  • Camille

    It was a good tribute. Leave it alone.

  • stephen

    if u guys knew anything macho man was happy and and content being away from the wrestling business so do some studying before u run your mouth about either vince or macho man let the man rest in peace

  • wildeye

    why cant people see that when macho man went to wcw vince was pissed because macho man stabbed wwf in the back. also this was supposed to be the year of macho man making appearances in WWE. he said it himself because of the toys they are making of him. Who knows maybe summerslams was going to be the day he should have made an appearance. I for one want to see macho man put in the hof and i have wanted that since hogan got inducted.

  • venom


    Yes he did. So everybody on here is crying for nothing. Macho man was in Allstars and they made three new figures of him. I’m sure at some point Vince would have been okay for Macho Man to come back. But everybody didn’t know Macho Man was going to die soon. I really thought Macho man would have faced Mcmahon at Wrestlemania soon, but we are too late for that.

  • Buster

    The ads that Savage did were not for WWE, they were for the companies that made the toys and the game. WWE is just the copyright holder not the ad agency that hires people to ‘act’ in commercials.

  • Bri

    Huh didn’t macho do 2 ads for www this past year? One what comic con for the new wrestling figures( YouTube it) an second he did a bunch for www all stars. That’s wwe tv right?

  • dave

    i heard macho anal fuck steph then vince found out but he wanted macho to suk him off but he said no

  • misfit del rio

    @ toby, they were married in real life, so chances are that savage and miss elizabeth were intamite.

  • edo.risk

    So acoordind to this ‘dick’ guy, what WWE or Vince should do is to keep ignoring the Macho Man, and never acknolege the fact that he is one of the best “entertainers” of them all, even tough he just died prematurley and before the WWE and Vince could correct that mistake.

    Oh and @Jerky,
    Sorry if i have mised typed any word in this or any other post, English in not my fist language, and I’m not writting an article for the New York Times.

  • wtfbbqsauce

    but wasn’t macho man on good terms with the wwe for a while now? He promoted his action figure last year and the wwe all stars game a couple months ago.

  • Ron

    lets point out that macho man left wwe in 1994…the same year the steph turned 18…

  • Stevie P

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t?

  • !?

    I don’t think it was necessarily that he slept with Steph in the general sense, I think she must have been underaged if it did take place. After all, Stephanie isn’t really that old as some people consider her to be. However, I will agree to a point that it is a bit hypocritical on WWEs part.

  • misfit del rio

    Yes sir “slept” typing fast, I was at lunch, I’m so sorry. I promise it’ll never ever happen again.

  • Davey

    The WWE couldn’t win whatever they did it seems.

    This guy should maybe realise that maybe, just maybe Vince realised that the WWE is not just about Vince. So yeah personal issues may have prevented Randy from ever working with WWE again, but when something as tragic as this happens it can be time to re evaluate and realise how worthless grudges are.

    Vince must have realised that even if he had issues with Randy, the rest of the WWE and further wrestling world as well as the “universe” loved and respected the Macho Man. Vince would have to be one callous human being to put his personal grudge in the way of a tribute to someone who gave so much to the wrestling.

  • zach

    good enough to make a dvd though

  • Howe

    Piper and Steele (macho’s contemporaries) both give legitimate, credible reasons for the rift between mcmahon and macho, and yet we’re still throwing around the stephanie rumor? Let the man rest in peace.

    You think Vince would want to do biz with someone who had slapped him or had completely pulled a reverse montreal screwjob on him? I think George Steele’s account is what actually happened. That explains why Vince turned around and pulled the montreal incident a few years later.

  • keith learmonth

    The irony of it all is that if WWE -didn’t- play a tribute video, they would have been blasted with -thousands- of complaints, not just this one.

    At least Chris is living up to his old nickname, by being a big dick.

  • Jerky

    @misfit del rio
    slepped? i think you’ll find he allegedly slept with stephanie

  • misfit del rio

    Allegedly slepped with stephanie

  • mike

    the question shouldnt be did macho bang steph? the question should be wat guy didnt steph bang n the locker room?

  • http://wrestlingedge alucard420

    WTF did Macho-Man do!!!

  • Bcvs

    Ok,may be Randy did something really bad…?

  • kenn

    Look like the Steph McMahon rumors are true

  • JD

    Who the Fuck cares what some disgruntled former employee who got fired says??? damn he died and they payed respect.. move the fuck on

  • keylo

    I would not be surprise if suddenly the real GREAT ONE, Macho Man is put into the HOF next year or mcmahon uses his death to make money, damn you Steph for being a leg opening bottom feeding trash bag whore.

  • muh boy

    vince is a dick. no honor at all.

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