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Former Creative Writer Says Triple H is Wrong Opponent for Brock Lesnar

Former WWE creative writer Court Bauer recently spoke with Steven Muehlhausen on why he thinks Triple H is the wrong opponent for Brock Lesnar at this years SummerSlam pay-per-view.

“He’s (Lesnar) a top a draw. It’s just how you apply a talent like that. Its kind of like, you look at movies. Everyone lays an egg, a rotten egg. But there’s still a lot of box office power behind them. You just gotta find the next one. The followup is critical for his success in WWE. I don’t feel Triple H is the right matchup for a lot of reasons both mechanically in the ring and in terms of long term investment.

If they (WWE) are really paying Brock Lesnar five million dollars for 20-25 dates and they brought in Paul Heyman for dollar X for X amount of dates. Do you believe that’s helping the company’s future by having Triple H beat him or lose to him when there’s so many, so many young talent that could use that TV exposure, could use that win if they are going to beat Brock Lesnar or even losing to Brock Lesnar look better? Triple H is not even a part-time wrestler at this point. So you really have to question the decision making going on there.”

  • Tyler(:

    The Sword of Enlightenment.

    I failed too see logic after reading your name.

  • The Sword of Enlightenment

    I bet anyone on this thread lesnar takes a pedigree and triple h’s hand will be raised at the conclusion of summerslam… 🙁 #gloryhog.

  • J

    Ryback vs Lesnar! Who doesn’t wanna see that?

  • Bill

    No disrespect to The Game, but he needs to lose. Even though it will just feed Lesnar’s ego, it’s part of his character, which will help build his Wrestlemania match. I still would like to see a Lesnar vs. Punk feud down the line.

  • SYM

    @Justin Sane….Uh What? First you say he hasn’t been in the ring Much in the Last 7 Years, He’s only Wrestled 1 Match in Last 7 Years. Then you said How many guys in WWE get in the ring with him and Make him look good. Well lets do the Math here If hes Wrestled 1 Match in the Last 7 Years against 1 Person, how Many Guys have made him Look Good? Go ahead answer, No I’ll wait.

  • Justin sane

    Brock hasn’t been in the ring much in the last 7 years maybe rust is an issue. how many guys in WWE get in the ring with him and make him look good?

  • mabry

    @Hank, dude, i totally agree with you, my fear is what if HHH is booked to beat Lesnar???, that would really make no sense at all!!!, as Tom R. just said, HHH is a big draw, a big name, and a guy that sometimes jobs to make the company grow….

  • john

    well if this happens!! i want to see a fight as HHH is claiming it will be!! non of this PG fighting crap.. proper attitude era blood fight

  • Tom R.

    Lesnar has a huge ego and I’m sure it’s in his contract to get the win over a top superstar. HHH has shown quite a few time that he’s willing to do the job to help the company, i think this is one of those times. HHH can come in and take a loss and it won’t really matter to anyone but Lesnar. You can’t put Lesnar over in a match with someone like Ziggler and expect that to help Dolph’s career. I really don’t know why Court Bauer thinks otherwise. I can’t see how Brock will be able to help out one of the younger guys and not look weak doing so.

  • Hank

    Only if Triple H actually wins, which he won’t. Lesnar NEEDS a win after the Cena loss, there’s no point in taking momentum away from a young star when you can destroy Triple H, who loses nothing from it.

    They do suffer for not pushing young talent correctly, but there’s ways to elevate people. If Lesnar beats a young guy, you just had them take a brutal loss (and if they’ll book him to utterly dominate John Cena, the golden boy who’s unbeatable, he’ll maul the likes of Ziggler, Bryan, even Sheamus into a pulp) for no reason, and beating them doesn’t give Lesnar himself the momentum of beating a guy like Triple H. A win over Triple H can get people to completely forget about the loss to Cena.

    On the other hand, if the young guy beats Lesnar, what did you just do to him? You can’t take a marquee name and have him lose his first two fights, think of the damage that does to his reputation. How do you sell a big program at Mania then? Especially the biggest money making matches they have available, vs Undertaker or vs Rock? You’re not gonna be able to sell Brock properly as a legitimate challenge to either one of them if he can’t even beat Triple H, and is 0-2 besides. A young guy could only justifiably beat Lesnar at Mania on his last date, making a star provided you don’t job him out at SummerSlam, but is that the match that’s gonna make the WWE the most money? No, which is the bottom line at the end of the day.

    Brock Lesnar vs Triple H is common sense. For somebody who used to work on the creative team, he doesn’t seem to understand the mechanics of booking very well.

  • mabry

    am a big Triple H fan, but i kinnda agree on this one. am not that thrilled about this match, and quite franckly i don see the point of it either. The problem is, who could Lesnar face, that could actually step in his face. I mean the guy is a beast and he might try to really take someone out just to prove a point, so who else could he face that could match him up???… and am talking about new guys, not Taker or Cena again or Big Show or whatever, a newer face…