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Critic of WWE’s Anti-bullying Campaign Issues Retraction and Apology

Lisa Wright, program director of the national non-profit organization Council for Unity, has issued a retraction and an apology regarding her criticism of the Be a STAR Alliance’s anti-bullying campaign with WWE.

Wright wrote a letter earlier this week criticizing their campaign after receiving an e-mail concerning the numerous “fat jokes” being directed towards performer Vickie Guerrero on television. She asked how the organization’s partnership with WWE fits their mission to show tolerance and respect since professional wrestling consists of name calling and threats culminating in violence. She concluded her letter by requesting the removal of the Council for Unity from the Be a STAR Alliance website’s list of organization affiliates. Wright, however, has since rescinded her request and issued an apology to WWE and the Be a STAR Alliance.

In a letter sent to, WWE and the Be a STAR Alliance, Wright says she changed her tune on the matter after further research and receiving intelligent feedback from some of the wrestling organization’s loyal fans.

Wright wrote, “After careful consideration and research on my part, plus some intelligent feedback from some of the loyal fans of WWE, I realize that perhaps I reacted too harshly and without enough information. I have been reminded that the important issue is the prevention of bullying and the protection and support of those that have been victimized by it. Ultimately, my own actions, intended or no, have had a negative impact.

She continues, “I hereby offer an apology to the Be a STAR foundation and the WWE. I also wish to rescind my request that my organization be removed from the Be a STAR Alliance website. There are often many ways to reach a goal; the important thing is that we support each other on our journey.”

The entire letter can be read here. She adds that her initial letter was never intended to be made public and that it was never her intention to disparage the Be a STAR Alliance, WWE, their wrestlers and many fans.

  • tombstone1108

    It’s all about the money money, yeah yeah, money money yeah yeah

  • Seth

    @Nicholas, if the federal government and the media are America’s number one and two problems, your grammar and spelling have to be a close third.

  • drizzt

    She has a point, but at least WWE tries to help. They do need to back off of the women though, women really take weight insults far worse than males.

  • Marky Mark

    I jerk off to the Piggy James angle and name, and Mickie James herself. Good stuff

  • @poko

    I agree. The Piggy James angle was so disgusting as Laycool (the heels) taunted Mickie James (the face) over her supposed weight gain and Jerry Lawler (the face), who’s a shadow of his former self, taunting Vickie Guerrero (the heel) over hers in spite of her being in good shape is also way too far. >:(

  • Nicholas G

    It another one of the long list of the media that I hate in America. If the United States want to know who are to two biggest problem today. It is of course Washington D.C. But right behind it is the media. All of the media to me are bad right now. CNN, NBC, CBS and even Foxs News I am starting to get tired of. They all have there own byes option never giving us any facts just want to be part of the news instead of letting the news destructible itself. This lady just posted something out of hate trying to make a name for herself but in the end she looks worst an proves that the news media to me is a mess.

  • poko

    Despite the apology, I can somewhat understand her first reaction. When you have your top face character relentlessly slamming someone with fat jokes, then I think you’re setting a poor example. John Cena is purposefully set up to be a role model, but his insults about Vicky’s weight were the very essence of bullying. It doesn’t fit very well with the “respect” thing, either.

    Lawler’s attacks probably aren’t as damaging, since no is going to see him as a role model, but they aren’t very funny, either. I didn’t like the weight mockery angle with Mickey James and I don’t like it with Vicky. They really should just let that kind of insult drop. There really is no need for it, especially when it seems the WWE is deliberately going after a younger market.

  • lazlo woodbine

    Paid off. As if WWE is exempt somehow from basic manners, don’t get me wrong, it should be exempt, storylines are conflict based, which requires an antagonist. They just shouldn’t be entering into partnership with such groups. Given the nature of pro wrestling, it’ll only ever lead to bad publicity.

  • Simon

    Yet another person who didn’t look into things before opening their mouth… I thought prejudice and acting upon it counted as a form of bullying, especially when demanding things involving them. Oh well, least she apologised, i guess…

  • J-J

    Glad she apologised but really it’s just another in a long list of people hammering the WWE over an issue based solely off a soundbite & without any real or proper research..

  • F BOMB

    but still its a funny that WWE wants 2 stop bullying and still makes fat jokes and such

  • Effmenow

    Anyone wanna guess how much Vince paid her so Linda can actually run for the Senate next year?

  • Destiny

    I agree with CC. Its obvious she’s not a wrestling fan, so instead of researching the partnership she made an assumption based on her own prejudice…that’s a form of bullying too. I think its funny that fans also made her retract; did she really think WWE fans weren’t gonna be upset. Plus you didn’t think the letter would be made public? Does that make a difference? Now this woman looks like a complete idiot…Maybe she shouldn’t work in this type of position anymore.

  • CC

    Makes a change for one of these dickheads to admit they were wrong.
    Next time maybe she should do a little more research before jumping on her soapbox.