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Curtis Axel Responds to Injury Reports, Backstage Update on Richards & Edwards Joining WWE

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel tweeted the following about reports of him blowing out his hips:

“For the record: I DID NOT BLOW OUT MY HIPS!!! Where does this info come from? I’m gonna be fine! #BetterThanPerfect”

After Axel was pulled from the Hell In a Cell pre-show, it was reported that Axel “blew out his hips” on RAW in a freak accident. It was later reported that Axel suffered a hip flexor injury. Axel noted that he will be on WWE’s upcoming tour of Europe.

– Wrestling Observer Editor Dave Meltzer wrote the following on the Observer message board this weekend about WWE potentially signing Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards:

“They are in play. It is a very unique situation that is still being played out. The most I can say is the people you would expect not to want them don’t, and the people you would expect to want them do. I’ve continually emphasized that they neither have been turned down, nor signed to a deal. That hadn’t changed as of yesterday.”

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    I think if ambrose drops the us title it should either be to ziggler,christian,or tyson kidd

  • millerj265

    I was too actually, im not so excited for big e and his feud with Ambrose though, considering E is good buddies with Cena, and if you noticed as soon as Cena left, E fell right off the map, then Cena returns and all of a sudden he is in a feud for the IC title but gets switched over to a US title feud because of axels injury because Cena wants them to push him. Which im okay with, I think he has a lot of potential with that rare quality of being able to move quickly and explosively for such a heavily muscled man, and him winning the IC title from a floundering Axel wouldn’t bother me, but him beating Ambrose for the US title would bother me because Ambrose has the ability to make that belt matter if the wwe would just let him do it.

  • I really don’t get the hate for Joe Hennig. He’s a good wrestler, they just need to let him actually WRESTLE instead of being involved with the BS finishes connected to Heyman. And he also needs to be allowed to talk and show his own character.


    I was looking forward to his feud with big e langston

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I don’t necessarily think he needs to drop it, I just think they need to make it important again. Back in the day the IC title was the flagship of most great matches but also what most great WWE champions held before the WWE title. They just need to re-establish the title as the great title it once was and bring back the part of the attitude era where every title was important and they got TV/storyline time as well, not just the WWE title and Cena.

  • JohnCena33

    Can he please drop the IC title.