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Daffney Sentenced For Drunk Driving Charge, Orlando Jordan On Facebook, More

— Shannon Spruill (a/k/a Daffney), who was arrested on July 19, 2011 in Hillsborough County, Florida for driving under the influence with property damage, plead no contest during a court hearing in Plant City, Florida earlier this week. The judge ordered her to attend DUI school while placing her on twelve months probation. She must also pay damages and costs of $1,080.

Meanwhile, Mick Foley praised the former TNA Knockout after viewing a tribute video on the Scream Queen on YouTube. He tweeted, “TNA missed the boat on @screamqueendaff – she had it GOING ON!”

— Orlando Jordan has launched a page on Facebook—The Haus of Jordan. The page can be accessed here.

— Smith Hart announced on Twitter that Al Snow will be appearing at the relaunch of Stampede Wrestling in Barrie, Ontario on November 6.

source: Wrestling Globe Newsletter

  • ironcross

    she dont even work for tna anymore, how is this news? having a few beers and driving home is fine i do it all the time, just sucks when you get caught, its far better then being a crack addicted freak and being caught 2 years ago

  • sharktopus

    i think orlando jordan needs to ease up on the gayness. im no homophobe but come on, he never acted this faggy when he was in wwe

  • Trixie

    Didn’t Punk used to date that Daffney chick? Or am I wrong? Because if he did, I find it funny that she got arrested for drunk driving since he’s all straight-edge and stuff.

  • CC

    There is a new rule in wrestling that you need to get arrested for driving while drunk or on drugs. Its apparently mandatory, and the likes of Daffney, The Hardys, Kurt Angle and Alex Riley are showing how dedicated they are to the industry.

  • Chris E.

    I really, REALLY want Smith’ wrestling enterprise to work, but when I read Bret’ book I got the idea that he was a bit of a swindler. I would have been happier if I heard Ross and Bruce were involved. Fingers crossed this is a new great era of Hart wrestling.

  • shawn

    a wrestling promotion from Canada should be pretty good.