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Daivari Involved In Incident, Cena on Missing RAW, JBL-JR

– We noted before that JBL will returning to RAW next week for commentary. Jim Ross is also confirmed for next week so it looks like we will have another three-man team working RAW.

– TMZ reports that former WWE Superstar Daivari says he saved passengers on a Minneapolis, Minnesota train last week after a fellow passenger threatened to kill everyone. Daivari says he used a rear-naked choke to take the man down. The train was headed to the local airport when the man began making threats. Daivari said police were taking too long so he took the man down and dumped him from the train. Metro Transit Rail police say they are investigating the incident as a fight.

– As seen on last night’s RAW, there was no John Cena. Cena commented via Twitter:

“Very different monday for me, this will not become a habit. #nevergiveup”

  • Butters

    The anti-terrorist!

  • Dave

    The Dude.
    I made an observation that if a wrestler has Arab heritage, wrestling promotions tend to use that fact to generate cheap heat for them. Like Mohammed Hassan, The Iron Sheik etc. Please can you enlighten me as to how observing this makes me a racist?

  • pulgeezy

    U know lord zed’s I would have been 1st if not for hitting refresh on this stupid mobile phone but great minds think alike

  • pulgeezy

    Not to mention Monday. Night raw or any ppv is always without john cena

  • Zedd

    I hope it does become a habit, Raw was pretty good without having superman shoehorned into practically everything.

  • The Dude

    dave the racist

  • Dave

    His heritage makes it far too easy to get him some cheap heat. But the guy does have some genuine skills.

  • xXx

    good for shawn, i like the guy honestly