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Damien Sandow Drops Raw Pre-Show Pipe Bomb, Burys His Recent Segment With Hugh Jackman

– Also, on the Raw pre-show, Damien Sandow cut a shoot-like promo burying his recent segment with Hugh Jackman and Dolph Ziggler, and complaining about having to wear a superhero costume to get on television. He went onto say he will likely get stuck teaming with Yoshi Tatsu before his mic was cut off. Following the segment, Sandow took to Twitter, posting the following messages:

Here is also a video of the segment while it is online:

Sandow Bomb by danny-jones-56679

  • ddfindl

    So they’re turning Sandow into Punk like Bryan’s replaced Benoit?

  • Saxon

    I’d love him to join Evolution! They need a new ‘future’ member

  • d_pooch

    Funny, didn’t they just announce last week that they were going to start incorporating storylines into the pre-show? I guess this proves that it probably is a work.

  • shizdontstink

    Obvious work lol, but I’ll still jump on the Sandow bandwagon. Dude has got skills and needs to be put higher on the card already. I prefer him over Bad News Brit.

  • TheFizPop

    Finally!! Been waiting for Sandow to get a good serious role!

  • xXx

    meh, not really