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Dana White Confirms Brock Lesnar Will Never Return to UFC Again

– Dana White mentioned to the Dave and Mahoney show on X107.5 that Brock Lesnar will never return to UFC. This follows a recent phone conversation between Lesnar and White.

“He’s done,” White said in an interview on the “Dave and Mahoney” show on X107.5 in Las Vegas on Tuesday. “He’s done. He called me a couple days ago, he’s never coming back.”

Lesnar is physically unable to compete in UFC again, according to White.

“He just said his body – he can wrestle, but he can’t fight,” White said. “But, he was contemplating coming back.”

  • cc

    Nick kinda has it spot on. Wrestling is probably more dangerous than UFC if you take big bumps (just ask all those guys with busted necks, knees and hips etc), but as we have seen with Lesnar since his return, he doesnt take big bumps. I’d say that from Lesnars point of view that wrestling is far safer.

  • Shay R.

    Let’s hope Lesnar’s been saving all the chips he’s been stacking all these years. 😀

  • Billbo

    Anyone who says real talk is a fucking ingrate, real talk.

  • Rocky sucks

    Nick seems like the only smart dude on here real talk

  • Nick

    ^Wrestling can have a just as bad effect on your body as MMA or UFC can have. Sure WWE might be scripted, but its not always a scripted fall or bump.

  • chronoxiong

    If I had the choice make a lot of money by doing fixed matches and not get seriously hurt instead of getting pounded in real life, I would go with the first choice as well.