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– Dana White said on his Twitter page this weekend that Brock Lesnar is still very sick and he doesn’t know if he’ll fight again.

The situation is that Lesnar still is not out of the woods with his intestinal issues and so there is again uncertainty regarding his future.

  • baddog_1_2k

    Lesnars a freak love him or hate him you can’t look away

  • bigern

    We’ll the simple truth is that lesnar is not a great fighter. You could say that he is a great amatuer and professional wrestler. But the reality is that he’s 4-1 in his MMA career. With only one of those win’s being impressive. Let’s be honest a big reason alot of people don’t like him has to do with his crappy attitude. He has a history of dising orgazations he’s been involed with. WWE, NFL, New Japan, and now he taunting fighers after he beats them and talking crap about the ufcs biggest sponsers. All the mean time he barely fights. How long has he been unable to compete. Hell Couture has 15 years on him and fights more often than he does. I think he has along way to go before hes a great or even a good fighter. At this point he’s got by on just being a big guy in an arguably small Heavy weight division. Let’s have this discussion after he comes back and fights a guy like Shayne Carwin.

  • skitzo

    So many people hate Lesnar because he has little experience, and he was a WWE wrestler. if he is such a “terrible” fighter, why couldn’t anyone stop him. They are all just jealous because he has freakish size, strength, and speed. he can only get better with time.

  • Amazed

    yeah Mel, Lesnar is a great fighter, why else would he have the world title?

  • The pain will never die!

    Brock is going to come back and if you think that Mir is ever going to beat Brock you obviously don’t know much about Brock or you love people whose words speak way louder than their actions which is what Frank Mir is all about! He’s a pompous, arrogant mediocre HW and i don’t belive he’ll ever even get back into title contention until he shuts his mouth and proves he’s as good as he says he is.

    Brock will rule Mir every time and i think it actually speaks volumes about Brock’s work ethic when he wasn’t even training MMA 2 yrs and hes beating the best the UFC has to offer before he even got close to his fullest potential.

  • sroeballs

    I’ve been watching the UFC since 2001 & honestly think you havent’ a clue what you’re talking about Mel. You say that anybody that likes Lesnar is just going with what the internet says & doesn’t know a real fighter. I’d wager that you’re a new fan yourself & you just go along with the forum fans who all hate Lesnar due to his wrestling background.

    If you think he sucks then you have to say the same about Couture, Henderson, Hughes, GSP & all other fighters who use wrestling as their base.

  • magnumfinance

    sounds to me God is Mir impersonating fans on the net, Mir only chooses to talk smack because lesnar is down, he didn’t seem to talk to much after he got his horse shoe removed. maybe it’s back up there again

  • Mel

    He isn’t much of a fighter really don’t care what anyone says because everybody who says he is a fighter is really a person who just got into MMA about 1 year ago so they don’t know what true fighters are they just go with what people say. I do hope he gets well soon cause that sux to be in that shape but as far as him fighting no more just makes the Heavyweight division a lot better without him!!!! Back to the good ol’ days!!!!

  • Wrestling GOD

    Well i’m not exactly the biggest Brock Lesnar fan but i hope he gets through this and will be able to fight again only cuz i wanna see him lose to Frank Mir if it ever happens again

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