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Dana White Speaks On Possibility of Silva Vs. GSP In 2011

This past weekend in Fort Hood, Dana White talked to the troops about the possibility of the biggest MMA fight of the year, Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre meeting up in the Octagon in 2011:

“After Anderson Silva wins that fight on the 5th and then Georges St. Pierre needs to beat Jake Shields in Toronto; if that happens then we’re probably going to do that fight. Alright? So if they both win then that fight makes all the sense in the world. And Georges St.Pierre said he’d move up to 185 and stay there.”

  • Dwayne

    I like GSP alot but I think Silva would win

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Case in point, watch UFC 100 and his interview with Joe Rogan after dry humping Thiago…like he does damn near everyone…i’ll sum it up

    GSP: I want to be the best p4p fighter of all time
    Joe: What about a potential fight with Anderson Silva?
    GSP: Like I said, I want to be the best Welterweight fighter of all time

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    @Gary & 1moreguy

    You two are obviously GSP nuthuggers! The ONLY reason the fight hasn’t happened yet is because GSP s.h.i.t.s his pants everytime someone mentions him fighting Anderson.

  • Adam

    Anderson Silva vs. GSP is a dream fight waiting to happen! Dana White better make it happen!

  • 1moreguy

    Like your comment @Gary!
    Even at 185,Silva or Joe Blow,I dont see anybody dominating GSP!
    Not that he cant be beat!Theres always the puncher’s chance or a tactical error!

    But its impossible to dominate GSP for a whole 5 rounds!
    And even at 170,he is strong enough to hang in there with most of the 185 div!
    Win or lose,it will be a hell of a fight!

  • Gary

    why? Silva vs GSP would be amazing, GSP will win but still probly a good match

  • oxslangshoot

    dana needs his head jumped on