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Dana White Talks On Georges St. Pierre Vs. Anderson Silva Fight

If UFC President Dana White has his way, two UFC Title Fights could lead to one superfight as he talks to this week about a potential match up between UFC Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva and Welterweight Champ Georges St. Pierre – if the two are able to defeat their next opponents, Vitor Belfort for Silva and Jake Shields for Pierre:

“What happened is they’re both close to cleaning out their division. If Anderson (Silva) beats Vitor Belfort and (Georges) St. Pierre beats Jake Shields, seriously, what’s left for them?”

“It’s a fun fight to do.”

“The fans [understand] that (moving up weight classes is a long-standing tradition for any elite fighter). No doubt about it. That’s what I love about this fight. I’m all about legacy. That’s what matters more than the money. I love it if a guy will go up for a super fight like this. Anderson Silva has already moved up and fought at 205. For ‘GSP’ to do it, I think it’s big for his legacy.”

  • jb19

    I know that. I’m just saying he could easily put on 10-15 pounds of muscle and walk around over 190 and still have to cut to fight middleweight. That guy has a crazy understanding of what diet he needs to have to gain or lose as much weight as he needs. Couture might be a good fight, but i think he’d get whooped. his last few fights (i don’t count James Toney as a fight) have just been him holding a guy against the cage for 3 rounds with maybe a couple take downs thrown in.

  • BR23

    @jb19 the problem with GSP fighting at 185 is after the weigh ins the true middleweights are fighting at about 200 so for GSP to fight there he would be giving up about 15 pounds to the other fighter. I doubt it will ever happen. Anderson wont fight Machida because they are friends.
    I think Randy Couture would be a great fight for Anderson.

  • jb19

    @Adam, GSP wouldn’t have to gain any weight to be a middleweight. Like I said earlier, he already walks around at 185 and has to cut to 170 to be a welterweight. They should fight IMO.

  • jb19

    GSP’s walk around weight is already 185. No reason GSP couldn’t fight Silva at 180. Silva already said he wants to fight in every weight class from welterwight (156-170) all the way up to heavyweight (206-265) (Thats right he said he could win at heavyweight, and I agree with him). If they both win their next fights (far from an easy win for either) this would be a HUGE fight and could determine the best fighter of this generation. Problem is, I think Silva vs. Shogun would be even better.

  • Adam

    @Emerson Probably barely at least to middleweight. About 171, the minimum. I mean there’s gaining weight and then there’s GAINing weight.

  • Emerson

    I don’t see gsp moving up to middleweight or even a catchweight to fight Anderson silva. I’d be surprise if that fight ever happens

  • Adam

    If you’re counting on a “Champion vs. Champion” fight, this would sound like a classic case of “counting your chickens before they hatch”. Don’t count out Vitor Belfort tomorrow night. The guy can hit fast.

  • oxslangshoot

    what happened to silva vs machida? or lets make silva keep changing weight classes every 5 minutes