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Dana White To Rashad Evans: “You Have Too Many Friends”

UFC President Dana White has pretty much had enough of hearing about Rashad Evans not wanting to fight his friends after Evans went on record to say he wouldn’t make a decision about his next bout until the winner of next months UFC Light Heavyweight Title Fight between Shogun Rua and Jon Jones play out. “When [Rashad Evans] said he was going to sit out and wait for Shogun; I said you’re insane. This guy is injured and has to sit out, has to overcome all these things, rust and you’re just going to sit out?”

“If you truly believe that you’re the best in the world, you should be ready to fight anybody because whoever you fight on the way up are guys, if you win the title, these are the guys that are coming at you anyway. You might as well stay active; you might as well make money. Fighters have a very small window of opportunity and this kid is just letting the window close.”

“And now it’s in this (Jon Jones) situation where this guy is my friend and that guy is my friend. Dude you have way too many friends. You need to keep the friends thing down and stop training with people. Now he’s talking maybe I’ll go to heavyweight, maybe I’ll go to middleweight. Well if he goes to middleweight, Nate Marquardt is one of the top middleweights in the world, one of his friends. Shane Carwin is one of the best heavyweights in the world, that’s one of his friends. He’s got too many friends.”

“Rashad at middleweight is one or two fights away (from a title shot). If we did a (Yushin) Okami vs. Rashad Evans fight and winner fights (Anderson) Silva or Georges St. Pierre. Oh but he won’t fight Georges St. Pierre because they’re friends.”

  • Ryan Evans

    Dana was being ridiculous when he got mad at Rampage. Rashad should fight whoever is put in front of him. Being friends with GSP is fine since they are two divisions apart but, he shouldn’t be friends with any in the LHW division.

  • Valo487

    So wait, Dana White gets mad because Rashad is wasting his small window in the limelight he says all fighters have, yet he gets mad at Rampage for being in the A-Team and trying to build a secondary career for himself for when his time is up? Brilliant.

  • Matthew

    Dana, tell Rashad to shut-up and fight who you say he will fight-he’s not getting paid to refuse to fight friends-he’s getting paid to fight who you tell him to. You’re his boss, put your foot down and make him “shut up and color”.

  • JDL

    That Is soooo awesome! Dana is so right! Freaking fight the man!


    he might have friends in strikeforce

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Ha ha ha classic Dana, funny yet so very, very true. Rashad is a douche and a half thinking he’s some kind of superstar. No matter what he thinks he’ll never be a champion, well in the UFC, again, maybe Strikeforce.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    I never though he took MMA serious enough. What is it that Hulk Hogan said… If you’re making friends, you’re not making money.

  • Gary

    Evans will be out of MMA in next yr or 2, mark my words