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D’Angelo Dinero Says He Will Not Re-sign with TNA Wrestling

D’Angelo Dinero wrote the following message on his Twitter account in regards to his status with TNA Wrestling.

“Pope’s Contract expired with TNA on Jan 1, I will not be resigning. Thanks to Dixie and the whole TNA Family for a wonderful 3+ Years.”

“And for the SM’s out there, THIS is not a storyline.”

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Like really were is he going to go. WWE not taking him so there only one place for him he will be back in TNA very soon.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    If it isn’t storyline, TNA really dropped the ball here. When he was feuding with AJ over the World Title he was the hottest face of the company and then nothing.

  • growth

    When they say this is not a storyline on social media I automatically think this IS a storyline! I expect him to be revealed as an Aces & Eights member

  • V-R-A

    sucks they didn’t use him properly

  • forgot he was on the roster

  • Cobra5784

    Its a shame, they did such a great job with him when he first came onboard with TNA and then they stopped utilizing him. Maybe the WWE will take him back

  • CC

    Yeah, like Devon wasnt re-signing. Or like Matt Morgan wasnt re-signing.
    Maybe it isnt storyline, but the way things have gone in recent times, people will just be waiting for him to show up again.