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D’Angelo Dinero Vows To Bring Change To TNA, Stars Give Their Super Bowl Picks

— “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero has vowed to bring “change” to TNA Wrestling.

He wrote on Facebook, “Pope’s tried for 3yrs to be the “Obama” of TNA, to be new and unique, cause CHANGE is needed, and CHANGE will come, one way or another!”

Dinero’s status with the organization is currently in limbo as he has not appeared on television since the culmination of his several month feud with Devon at last month’s Genesis pay-per-view. Devon’s sons turned on Dinero to assist their father to victory.

— With the Super Bowl taking place tonight between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, many of the TNA Superstars are divided on who will reign victorious. asked them who will come out on top in the big game, including Sting.

He said, “I think the Patriots are going to win it because Tom Brady is going to be on top of his game… he’s built a rep for pulling out all the stops in big games. Although Eli is a roll and the Giants have a great defense, Brady and the Patriots are going to be so confident going into it, it’ll be tough for the Giants to come out winners.”

  • scooter

    dinero should have beat Aj at lockdown in 2010 he was very over then

  • adam

    Elijah is acutally a pretty good wrestler i was sooooooo upset when wwe realsed him. Yes im calling him by his wwe name because the gimmik he has in tna is kind of retarded. If tna would realize how to push what they had or wwe for that matter neither would be in the situation they are in. Instead of pushing people like Denaro or AJ or Daniels and having them go after Roode they have Jeff hardy get title shots and thats about it besides the james storm throw in every once in a while. I really wouldnt be suprised if Elijah and a few other of the old wwe guys got rehired by WWE i would be really exicited to see him get a second run with wwe. I am also gravely upset that the two people that vince game out and said would be huge stars never were. In elijah burke and Drew Mcyntire.

  • Soulshroude

    Angelo is trying to be Jericho, isn’t that cute!? NOT!!

  • Devil_Rising

    It should have been the Baltimore Ravens in the SB….that is all……

  • Nicholas

    When is TNA going to learn stop picking up WWE dead weight. Hey ther is a reason why he didn’t work out in the WWE and the reason they let him go so you fools will pick him up. I haven’t seen any dead weight from WWE make it big in TNA. To me all the dead weight has really been an even bigger bust in TNA. FiNlly TNA are slowly getting smarter by pushing there own people at least I hope.

  • kamala’s foot

    This guy is as useful as a PS3 when first they came out in 06 and were breaking.

  • venom

    Dinero is a really good wrestler. He needs to change his gimmick.

  • bb

    fuckin right Go Patriots Go!

  • Miz1984fan

    D’angelo could be such an asset if TNA knew how to use their talent!