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PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

  • Charlemange

    that would be the funniest thing ever JR if danile bryan/brian danielson was the masked man

  • Dan

    haha yes!! did anyone else notice that josh matthews was trying not to laugh when daniel bryan was insulting cole?

  • Zach V

    JR he isnt its already been pretty much confirmed who it is and thats Joey Mercury

  • JR

    what if he is the masked wrestler who is helping punk?

  • donners

    controversial comment maybe…. but he reminds me a lot of chris benoit – cuts an amazing promo when it’s based around anger, not too good at the other types of promo (he’s never been the ‘funny guy’ – even in the indies), but will wrestle rings round almost anyone he gets in there with.

    i’m so glad he got a chance to do that promo, because if they use him right, that’s just made bryan danielson in the wwe!!

  • mike

    wow…Bryan Danielson/Daniel Brian has just stepped up in my books..he has to be a future WWE star

  • James Mills

    Punching Michael Cole…………….Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan just became my hero!