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Daniel Bryan Says FCW’s Dean Ambrose Will Take People by Surprise

– World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan spoke with before last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings.

Bryan was asked about the next big star and talked about FCW star Dean Ambrose, the former Jon Moxley:

“That’s hard to say, because there’s so many talented guys on our roster right now. But there’s some guys in the developmental system that are absolutely phenomenal. My favorite is a guy named Dean Ambrose, who just has such a personality and he’s so good in the ring. He hasn’t even debuted on TV yet, but when he does, I think he’s really gonna take people by surprise. I mean, he is just an awesome personality that people can really either love or hate, depending on how they play him.”

  • Craig

    I was getting the Pillman vibe off him too. Much like most of us I didn’t know who he was yesterday but checked out some of his stuff on youtube and this guy has tons of potential to be something. Check out his feud with Regal, great story line that I wish could of been on TV.

  • MJ


  • scooter

    I’ll be honest when I heard CZW I thought “just what wwe needs a backyarder” but after watching ambrose in FCW I can honestly say he’s amazing he works a bit differently from most guys takes his time doesn’t rush anything and it works also it furthers his character the way he walks around the ring he looks like a hunter stalking his prey and don’t even get me started on his promos!

  • poko

    Watch the match he had with CM Punk. Ambrose looks to be excellent at drawing heat. I was really impressed by that, and he can wrestle, too. Kind of has an old-school, exaggerated feel to his mic work, which I definitely like.

  • dashing1

    Ambrose reminds me of Brian Pillman or Roddy Piper a little. Can’t wait to see him on raw or SD. WWE needs somebody like this on the roster.

  • Snark Mark

    @ Antonie. Dean Ambrose is his FCW name. Before that he wrestled as Jon Moxley. It makes sense you haven’t heard of him, he hasn’t debuted yet. Though if you wanted to, check out some Moxley work on YouTube. Pretty cool stuff.

  • Antoine

    never heard of him