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Daniel Bryan on John Cena being a ‘Free Agent’

Daniel Bryan

SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan recently had an interview with FoxSport where talked about the SmackDown roster, his daughter and more. Below are some of the highlights from his interview:

When asked how he would feel if his daughter pursues wrestling as a career, Bryan said that she can pursue any career she is passionate about:

“If that’s what she’s passionate about, great. If she’s passionate about the environment and wants to go do that, great. If she wants to join the military because she’s passionate about defending our country, great. If she’s passionate about computers and wants to do that, great. I just want her to follow her own passions.”

When asked how he feels about the ‘Free Agent’ status of John Cena, Bryan said that he doesn’t know how it will play out and claimed that the whole thing makes SD Live the underdog:

“I don’t know how it’s going to play out. Traditionally, this is what happens: Nothing is spared for SmackDown. And that’s part of what makes us the underdog, and the underdog brand, right?”

Talking about Luke Harper, who many believe is one of the most talented members of WWE Roster; he stated that fans were really getting behind Harper before he faded into the background scenes of SmackDown:

“I think that he’s somebody that we can utilise better. When he left the Wyatt Family, I thought the fans were really starting to get behind him and then you just kind of lose him on TV to where we don’t really see him much. I think we’re really losing out on that, but I think that about several people.”

Apart from this, Daniel Bryan also talked about Brie Bella’s pregnancy and Lana’s debut match at Money In The Bank.

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    The thing with Harper is exactly the same as the first time they split the Wyatts up. The members get an initial push as singles competitors, that fades very quickly. The problem is, there is no character development and what worked as part of a faction does not work as a singles competitor.
    Both times they set Harper and Rowan on opposing sides, one face and one heel, and both times it went nowhere.

    Changing what Harper wears is not enough of a gimmick change to make him stand out in any way. Yes, they messed up Rowans face turn last time, with the stupid “secretly a genius” gimmick, but that is no reason why Harper cant get a slight change of gimmick.