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– On his favorite matches of 2010, Daniel Bryan commented the following on his Twitter account:

“My two favorite independent matches I had this year?

1) Me vs. Shingo from “Enter the Dragon” (order at www.dgusa.tv), and…

2) Me vs. Sawa from EVOLVE 5 (order at www.evolvewrestling.com). Support independent wrestling this holiday season!!!”

– It is expected that Joey Styles will renew his contract and remain as a World Wrestling Entertainment employee. Although Styles created some buzz over his Twitter, people within the company feel he has no intention of leaving, even though is contractually free to do so.

  • Zach

    LOL @ JBL and Cole.

    I remember Cole talking and all you saw was JBL in his face and out of nowhere he says,”SHUT UP!”.

  • Lazytrout

    The contract that ran out that Joey Styles was talking about was his talent contract in other words his contract that allows him to appear on TV as a commentator he is still working at titan towers according to the more trustworthy wrestling news sites thats not to say this site is not trustworthy it is just not the main site i trust.

  • HeartBreakHill

    JBL was a good *** commentator. I remember him saying MVP looked like a Bud Light can in his debut match. Gold.

  • erik

    face cole and heel jbl on smackdown commentary team they were good as smackdown commentary team in 2006-2007.

  • Gir

    C.M Punk & Jim Ross on commentary for Raw
    Heel Taz & Michael Cole as a face as the reformed Smackdown commentary team

  • me

    @Devil_Rising really?

  • Devil_Rising

    Joey Styles is an annoying douche. Taz is a better announcer than he is.

  • venom

    Joey Styles and JR would make a good team.

  • sandman

    he is by far the best commentator in wrestling history and the voice of the true ecw. O MY GOD!

  • kriskooo

    ooh that guy, i forgot about him… I remember last seeing him at the slammys last year

  • Pieman

    But in the past he’s been a wrestler, commentator (OH MY GOD!!!!), chap who runs the wwe website and general backstage good guy. Probably the the best thing he ever did was knock out JBL.

  • Pieman

    He sets up the ring and makes people coffee.

  • Zombie Kid


    OH MY GOD!

  • kriskooo

    okay i gotta ask lol who the hell is joey styles 😀

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