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Daniel Bryan to React on SmackDown, Team Johnny Era Beginning on RAW

– WWE is hyping that the “Team Johnny Era” will begin on tonight’s RAW Supershow.

– WWE’s website wrote the following about Daniel Bryan’s 18 second loss to Sheamus at WrestleMania 28:

“With his history-making feat, Sheamus becomes a three-time World Champion, while Daniel Bryan leaves WrestleMania with egg on his face. How will the submission specialist react to falling to the Irish Superstar in such a hasty fashion? Find out Friday on SmackDown on Syfy at 8/7 CT.”

  • Unique

    at first i felt bad for D Bry but you know that this fued will continue and he will keep his ‘main event’ status, even if it is without the title

  • Ant

    i find it funny how everyone was talking smack about the dbryan/sheamus match before wrestlemania about how it should be a dark match and the match will probably be crap then AFTER wreslemania everyones acting all disappointed like awww it was only 18 sec lmao cmon people thats ridiculous

  • People spent $54.99 for 1hr worth of commercials, 5 crap matches, 1 good match and 1 great match. This is nothing new for the WWE.

    Be part of a real wrestling fed, join USPW (eFed).!

  • Albert

    dont bring up the divas match! they hardly get 20 seconds on the main shows and we all put up with it… so just shut up and get over it, WWE always fucks up one way

  • RaTeD R

    100% agree with the above, it was ment to be a WHC match and instead they turned it into a joke, i was shocked when this happend took a sip of coke looked up and it was over, not a good start for ” the grandest stage of them all” the best match of the night for me was Triple H vs Undertaker then punk and jericho and then Rock vs Cena but even their match wasnt all that

  • CM Mark

    I don’t usually rant on here but I feel like the WWE screwed us out of what could have been an amazing outdoor daytime match between Bryan and Sheamus.

    At what point do you say, “Wow, we need to cut the WHC match down to 18 seconds so that we have room for all this fluff filler crap.”? Between the who cares Diva Match, the General Manager match, and the lame musical performances, there was time for a legendary old school outdoor daytime match.

    I for one, feel cheated. That is all.

  • Dave

    You must have fallen asleep after the first hour then. Cos it picked up its act after the first few disappointing matches.

  • Angry benny

    I am very disappointed in the 17 second match for D Bryan, the Divas match was complete horseshit and it went on 10 minutes too long, The crowd was chanting D bryan for the next two matches, RKo vs. Kane was horrible, Divas match was crap, and it took so long to watch, but put in D Bryan vs Sheamus and make it a squash match? They could of tore the roof off, but instead WWE likes to ruin everything, I want my money back