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Daniel Bryan reveals what he planned to do in the independent circuit

Daniel Bryan

It’s no secret that Daniel Bryan intended to return to independent wrestling if WWE had not cleared him by WrestleMania 34 and many believe this to be one of the reasons why the company allowed him to return to the ring.

During his recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho, Bryan discussed that time and the former SmackDown GM revealed what he was planning to do in the independent circuit.

According to him, he intended to return to ROH and NJPW and had an idea about having a long-term feud with the notorious Bullet Club:

“…so Bullet Club is very hot, but they need somebody to go against… something that would draw money and interest and bring independent wrestling to another level… so that’s what I was thinking, a long-term thing. We could do that for a couple years.”

Apart from this Bryan also talked about hating the SmackDown General Manager role during the show while Chris Jericho revealed that he almost replaced a big name at WrestleMania 34.

  • Arnold Jackson

    That is the reality of the situation.

  • CC

    Rusev loses match, fans lose their minds and say he is being jobbed out.
    Rusev wins a match against a fan favourite, fans moan that they have had to job to Rusev.

    Some people are never happy.

    Bryan is doing what is right. He knows all about people who get themselves over and how management don’t like that, so what better way to help Rusev than to put him over clean.

    Any fans who have an issue with this do not understand Bryan or the business.

  • Moe

    Pretty sure he could have done pretty well for himself over in NJPW and ROH.

  • jedi

    And a family to support!

  • Arnold Jackson

    But paid ten times as much more than on the indies. Fair trade for a guy who has only a couple years left as a in ring guy.

  • Azeem

    Now he’s fueling with big cass and jobbing to rusve .. good choice ..