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Partial source: PWInsider

– Daniel Bryan wrote the following on Twitter this week regarding his match with Chris Jericho on WWE NXT: “Resting and allowing my ribs to heal… There’s a reason it’s called a “suicide dive.” Yikes!”

– There are people within WWE right now who are trying to say that the interaction between Michael Cole and Josh Matthews on WWE NXT this week was a shoot but some are skeptical. Joey Styles backed this up on Twitter as he “assured us” that the commentating between Cole and Lawler was “very real.” Styles said that Cole “lives in the WWE bubble.”

  • darryl

    sorry love the cheeseburger line

  • Larry

    Who writes these article? Do you proofread? Damn!

  • Cram

    Not usually one to critise but the article actually makes little to no sense.. The guy who said about proof reading has a point.

    So after reading..
    – Some think its a work, Some think its a shoot.. (ok.. so what *shrugs*)

    – Styles backed THIS up on twitter (backed what up? that it was a shoot or a work? lol)

    – Styles assures us that the commentating between Cole and Lawler is real (Great. Is he talking about Lawler? or was it a typo and he meant Matthews?)

    – Coles lives in the WWE bubble. (Right now im completely lost. Is Styles’ twitter message a work or shoot lol is he mocking cole or ‘bigging’ him up as a dedicated wwe fanatic)

    This news item left more questions than answers lol

  • Keith Learmonth

    CC, Perhaps, if you put as much effort into becoming a writer on this site, as you did criticising them, you’d have a right to talk when you do a better job. :)

  • CC

    So are we to believe Joey Styles cant tell the difference between Mathews and Lawler, or is someone not proof reading before posting, again?

  • RPM

    why would it be so surprising that someone would be ignorant of life outside the company they work for?

    It’s sad but it does happen, many people with families and work etc don’t do things like wikipedia wrestlers, though you would think he’d at least check out the new talent coming in.

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