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Daniel Puder Talks About Almost Breaking Kurt Angle’s Arm, Calls Angle ‘A Wimp’ recently caught up with former WWE $1,000,000 Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder to discuss his time in the company and plans for the future. Here are some of the highlights below.

The full interview, including his thoughts about the other Tough Enough contestants, training with Hardcore Holly, the infamous Kurt Angle shoot on Smackdown, his opinion of Al Snow as a trainer, his time in ROH and launching the MyLifeMyPower anti-bullying charity can be found here or by searching WrestleShark in the iTunes store.

Daniel Puder tries to make Kurt Angle tap out in an unscripted manner during a 2004 episode of SmackDown: “It’s funny, before that entire thing they made us run sprints to start the day, then they brought us in for a pasta eating contest. Two guys puked from it. I’m sitting there, and I knew they were gonna run us again…they had us in the ring doing an up down competition…they told the ref to get the blond guy out of the ring. Chris and I were both blond. So Kurt Angle wrestled him, broke three of his ribs, he rolled out and Kurt came over and said who wants a chance, I raised my hand as fast as I could. Just because, I knew that I wrestled, my old coach was Danny Shay…Danny only lost to him in the Olympic trials by a couple of points, so I knew I had trained with guys that are as good as him. I wasn’t really scared of him, plus I had the MMA stuff and I knew he wasn’t really into that as much. So I got in there, they said the rules were no striking…and I caught him in a key lock…he’s a strong guy. He’s freakin’ strong. So I caught him in a key lock, pulled him into a Kamura and tried to snap his arm off. It nearly worked, you guys can see how close it was…I’m guessing it was five seconds away from snapping.”

How Angle responded to the incident: “Oh Kurt was very very upset, [laughs] yeah he doesn’t like me too much for some reason. But he’s a wimp you know. If the guy was really tough he’d say like ‘OK lets have a fight’, you know. Even Dana White offered him $2-3 million dollars to fight me and he turned it down. I’m pretty sure you guys would fight me for $2-3 million dollars [laughs] that’s a lot of money.

“He yelled at me, he got pretty upset. I said ‘hey, I’m playing by the rules, they told me no striking’. I was being respectful, you know, because I was in his world. But you know, if he came to my gym and did something dumb, outside the rules, I probably would have broken him right there. I would have knocked him out, made him cry like a girl.”

On walking away from professional wrestling and starting MyLifeMyPower: “Well, I dunno if you guys have heard, but I launched MyLifeMyPower and created this whole program for kids and teens. I been travelling around the country speaking to you know, the National PTA, next week I’m in Miami with 250 chiefs of police, week after I’m in Reno with 1000 resource and police officers who work in schools nationwide. I looked at…I could be on TV wrestling in front of a couple million people everyweek, or I could be fighting on NBC or Showtime…but at the end of the day, what do I get done? What can I do that will leave my mark on society and our culture. I’d love to still wrestle…but I want to be able to change the culture of our youth. is the charity, the main thing we’re going for is, we don’t tell kids no…we try to ask the right questions…our idea is not to tell kids “don’t do this, don’t do that”, I wanna encourage kids. A lot of kids are trained the wrong way or just not trained at all, and they just succumb to their environment…our program is goal setting, mentoring, leadership, character development, personal branding. We’ve had over 300 celebrities and pro-athletes film videos and PSA’s. We’re gonna start launching some on Youtube. We give schools different videos every week…It’s stuff kids don’t learn in School…A lot of kids you ask ‘hey what do you wanna do?’ and they go ‘oh I wanna be a vetenarian’ and I said ‘OK how are you going to get there?’. So we ask them the right questions, get the right answers and it drives them to become more successful.”

  • King Albert

    Angle is such a faggot, was offered a couple mill to fight in ufc and turned it down, Such a lying faggot, he was always too scared to goto UFC.

  • King Albert

    Daniel would fuck Angles shit up, Angle is a faggot!

  • Nicholas

    This is all very funny Daniel Puder and Kurt Angle two guys who think to high of themself. I for one don’t care what happen that day because look where that got them. One is in a second rate wrestling company sorry TNA marks know matter how hard you want to spin TNA will never be in WWE league. An the other is nothing more then a who is Daniel Puder the guy who got his butt kick in the Rumble after winning Tough Enough. Only one person I feel went far after TE an he didn’t even win the thing that was the Miz. Yeah he has hit a snag but I still feel he can turn it around. But back to Angle and Puder don’t really care what each other are doing but are there own worst nightmare. I am very disppointed in Angle not because he left WWE but the way he did it.

  • Devil Rising Jr

    @Dad Do you wanna go back to the basement? lucky i’m letting you stay free in my guest room. I’m also shocked you called me troll. Mother will hear of this

  • CC

    Puder had a fucking attitude, it was well known, which was why it didnt work out with WWE. Angle may be a sloppy drunk douche these days, and has always been a huge mark for himself, but Puder wasnt liked by many backstage cause he came in and thought he was the shit because of his MMA background, and everyone else was weak.
    Simple fact is, if he was that tough, and great at MMA, how come he never achieved anything in that field either.

    I dont believe Angle is an innocent by any means, but in this case, I’d take his word and most of the locker rooms over Puders.

    This is why I like a guy like Jericho. While everyone talks about the Goldberg incident like it was some huge deal, he talks it down and says it was a nothing incident. Thats a guy who doesnt have to talk himself up to sound like some kind of badass.

  • adam

    THe reason he almost broke his arm though was because angle was talking shit and angle could of taped out and that could of started a HUGE charcter devlopment for puder but angle didnt wanna be shown up by a kid like he was. Both of them seem like cocky douche bags. But puder is right on this one no matter if it was 2 million or whatever if dana white offers you money to fight someone who you think wronged you and got in a cheap shot take the money and fight….But wait ufc does drug testing so kurt can’t do anything with out his pills anymore. Thats the real reason he isnt in the olympics.

  • Devil_Rising

    @”DR Jr.”

    Find something better to do with your time than to follow and troll someone else’s posts, little kid.

  • ICE

    dana white offered him 2-3 million dollars to fight daniel puder? i find that highly unlikely

  • poko


    Did you fail at reading comprehension? He said he tried to break someone else’s arm. It’s right in the article, dude. I even quoted it.

    Also, karma is an imaginary construct designed to make people feel better when something bad happens to them. Plenty of bad people die rich and happy.

    And did you just say “pwned”? Holy cats, flashback time, haven’t seen anyone use that on in awhile. You definitely scored a chuckle with that one.

  • Devil Rising Jr

    Dad, relax & take your meds and continue watching Matlock.

    Kurt is a dick. Puder is arrogant. I would had enjoyed Puder making Angle tap

  • Soulshroude

    Cocky little S.O.B., Puter is…

  • hjkhjk

    Soo.. Angle breaking the other guys ribs was professional?

  • Devil_Rising

    I’ll never forget Angle’s BS, quitting WWE because he “couldn’t wrestle anymore”, only to turn around and join TNA mere months later.

    But beyond that, Daniel Puder, like most MMA tools, is nothing more than a jacked up moron with a big mouth. What has he ever honestly done, in MMA OR Pro Wrestling? Nothing of note, that’s what.

    So he won “Tough Enough”? Great. So have a lot of other people who went nowhere afterwards. So he “almost made Kurt tap”? Great, not only was that unprofessional, it also got him blacklisted from the business, because you don’t “go into business for yourself”, and that’s precisely what he did. He tried to make himself look good at Angle’s expense. In reality, Angle is an Olymic gold metalist. If he had been expecting a real “shoot”, he could have taken Puder apart. But Puder caught him off guard because he was expecting your average WWE wrestling. Big difference.

    So whatever Puder. Have fun in utter obscurity.

  • Matt


    1. Puder didn’t break angle’s arm.

    2.People who brag about being able to beat everybody definitely deserve to get their ass kicked. It’s called karma.


  • poko

    ah frick it, Kurt is a douche & puder shouldve made him tap.

    -Mick Foley fanclub

  • poko


    You’re absolutely right. People who brag should have their arm broken.


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  • Matt


    He said that because Kurt started to brag in front of them like hes a big shot. Kurt got what he deserved.

  • Dave

    I’ll never forget the beat down he got in the Royal Rumble. Between Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Bob Holly. I’ve heard of paying your dues. But I have never seen someone take such a beating.

  • poko


    “tried to snap his arm off” and “made him cry like a girl” comes to mind.

    Yeah. And he wants to teach kids? No thanks. He sounds like a thug and a braggart. In all seriousness, I’d never let him near my children.

  • Matt


    whats unprofessional about kicking the ass of somebody who asked you to fight him?

  • Steve

    That was nearly ten years ago. It doesn’t matter now. It sounds like Puder is doing some good in the world, unlike Angle, who is beating women, driving drunk, high on pills, lying about his twitter getting hacked, etc. I’m sure I’ll get thumbs down for saying that. Kurt Angle is one of the best ever at what he does on camera. Off camera, he’s a total piece of shit.

  • scooter

    So Puders bragging about being unproffessional?

  • The Awesome One

    Kurt would probably destroy puder lol