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Dark Match from WWE’s TLC PPV, Title Changes from the PPV

– R-Truth defeated CM Punk in the dark match before tonight’s Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view from Texas.

– In case you missed it, Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus defeated John Cena to become the new WWE Champion and DX defeated Chris Jericho & Big Show to become the new Unified Tag Team Champions at tonight’s TLC pay-per-view. This marks the first title reigns for each Superstar.

  • DK Monster

    Maybe I was expecting too much from this PPV because
    the card looked really good…
    But in the end, it was a sub par event that had
    numerous bad finishes..
    Kofi vs. Orton match was the most disappointing by far..
    lots of noticeable miscues on Chritian vs. Shelton match..
    all the main event title matches were bad too..
    The match of the night for me was the IC title match..

  • ant

    whoever said triple h is terrible is a dumb ass

  • trey

    the pay paper view was all right I’m glad to new face with title but I think wwe give Sheamus to big of a push to soon i would like see mvp , carltio, and jack one them in match .
    Undertaker should have lost the title in the frist place . ecw title was great I wish they gave them little more match time . no more fucking unifiend tag titles just let dx keep wwe tagteam titles on raw and put world tagteam titles smackdown

  • Matt

    DieetyRed on Mon, 14th Dec 2009 2:17 AM

    And the fact that the Undertaker Lost the title fair and square and then having Teddy restart the match…Bullshit.

    there was a low blow to end it first time around.

  • joe

    @Dieety Red

    No. The Undertaker didn’t lose fair and square. A low blow is a low blow.

  • DieetyRed

    How many times does it have to be said?!?
    The Tribute To the Troops is PRE-TAPED!!!

    I am No fan of John Cena but, Sheamus’s push was way too soon, way too fast.

    He should have had a program with Finlay first, got a little more in-ring knowledge from the veteran.
    From there he should have entered into a program with WWECW Champion Christian, eventually defeating Christian for the ECW Title.

    From there he should have been moved to RAW maybe a couple of weeks later and been put into the program with John Cena.
    Everything should have been done the same (but later).
    And bcuz of the excessive use of the tables in everything that happened, this could have called for a Tables match at the Royal Rumble.

    At the Royal Rumble a win by Sheamus would have made more sense and been far more believable.

    I’m still not big on Drew, even though I have nothing against him.
    I DO think if anyone was gonna take the strap off of John Morrison (who i AM a big fan of) it Should have been Dolph Ziggler!

    DX winning the unified Tag Team Titles was a given.
    They have never held tag team titles and I knew they were gonna win them, bcuz of that.

    Now they can maybe return to their feud with Legacy.
    Legacy can now defeat DX and become the new tag team champions around the Royal Rumble, or AT the Royal Rumble.
    Bcuz frankly, there is nobody on RAW (as a tag team, I mean) that can beat DX.

    *other than Evan Bourne & Primo – NOT!

    I was rather disappointed that Mickie James didn’t get a win over Michelle McCool(and Layla) for a measure of revenge.

    And I was also disapointed that Raqndy Orton(one of my favorites) beat Kofi Kingston(who I see has a ton of potential in the WWE – Much more so than Sheamus).

    And the fact that the Undertaker Lost the title fair and square and then having Teddy restart the match…Bullshit.

    Batista should be your New World Heavyweight Champion right now.

  • Jose Rodriguez 714

    Pay per view sucked…

  • RPM


    god triple H is terrible, I guess if you tap the bosses daughter and marry her you can have as many titles as you want know matter how stale you become as a talent.

  • James Mills

    So now Punk is wrestling in the DARK match at PPV’s? Brill…..

  • Allen

    ok according to all the future spoilers it looks like cena would of won definately because of the tibute to the troops photos with him and the title, or the title match between him and Jerchio schduled for a Raw next month. So is he going to win it back, or are they gonna mention that tribute to the troops was pre taped and not live. IDK whats gonna happen