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Darsow Works TNA Dark Match, Hogan Comments on Warrior/Knobbs, More

– Kurt Angle will be meeting TNA fans this Saturday at 10am local time in London, England at Wembley Arena. Jeremy Borash and TNA camera crews will be there with Kurt to kick off ticket sales for the 2012 Maximum Impact tour.

On Friday, June 3rd, Desmond Wolfe will be at the Nottingham Capital FM Arena at 10am and Douglas Williams will be at Manchester’s MEN Arena to meet fans. All three events are free to all fans and tickets for the tour will be on sale at each venue’s box office.

– Former WWE developmental talent Dakota Darsow, son to Barry Darsow (Demolition’s Smash, Repo Man), lost to Texas wrestler Jesse Sorensen in the dark match before Tuesday night’s TNA tapings in Orlando.

– Hulk Hogan wrote the following on Twitter about Sean Waltman being upset at Brian Knobbs for mocking Randy Savage’s death: “that’s what’s so crazy they are way cool, Knobs always jokes around though, maby somebody took Knobs joking and is trying to bury him H”

Hogan also had more comments in response to The Ultimate Warrior’s recent words to him: “that what he’s programed for, some people love, help, laugh, create, have fun, he hates.warrior who? HH”

  • venom

    It’s a shame that Savage’s career was a little over shadowed by Hogan’s. Randy was more talented of the two. Does Hogan even know how to climb a turnbuckle? I can’t believe that Hogan is siding with Knobbs on this incident. Hogan is going to be like Rourke in The Wrestler. Die in the ring.

  • Jon

    Worst yet Nicholas, Hogan make fun of wrestlers you do the smart thing and walk away, like Edge. Hogan is patheic, true he was good in the 80 and 90 but now he a has been trying to relive he WCW days.

    In my opition Macho Man is way more better than Hogan, and one day Hogan will regret not retiring sooner.

  • Nicholas G

    Man can’t believe the garbage I here coming out of Hogan. I mean if it was the other way around an somebody making jokes on Hogan. He be all over the internet saying how we should kiss the ground Hogan walks on. Man I use to be a big Hogan fan. But lately it is getting very hard to like the guy so much anymore. I mean for a guy like Hogan who did so much for the business why would he be going to this level of disrespect for a business that did so much for him. It really show why Hulk Hogan was never very like by other Hall of Fame wrestlers from the past. An even from the younger wrestler of today. There are just not very many people that like Hogan anymore an that maybe what is hurting TNA. Because I tell you as long as Hogan is in TNA I will never watch TNA again.

    In closing this is why Macho Man Randy Savage was always more of my favorite of the two. Yes Randy Savage wasn’t perfect but he respected the business way more then Hogan. Randy knew when his time was up in wrestling to just walk away. Hogan still hasn’t figure it out that he really needs to go away from Pro Wrestling. He is finished to me the longer he stays the worst its going to be for Hogan. At least Ric Flair showed way more respect for the Macho Man an those two hated each other.

  • erik

    hogan is a joke now. he was a big draw in 80’s and 90’s but he couldn’t draw shit to a fan now. he is killing tna. He and flair need to go away. randy savage is a legend and knobbs is and will never be a big of a star as savage was.

  • cheesehandler

    this is why i have never had nor ever will respect hogan…i dont care what he did for the business…he wasnt one of the people i cheered for…fuck him….ill be sure to mock and make fun of hogan when he dies

  • ICE

    hogan says someone is tryin to bury knobbs? is he getting so senile that he thinks knobbs is even worth being buried?

  • Myers

    Hogan is playing this off! DDP was on X-Pacs show on last wednesday, and Page was at the same autograph signing with Pac and Knobbs and he said that Knobbs was cracking jokes about Macho Man to him and the other guys. Knobbs is a piece of garbage in my eyes and it really sucks that Hogan, who has been talking about barely anything except how much he misses Savage, does not have a problem with this and is trying to sweep it under the rug, it’s b.s. It shows what kind of a person Hogan is.

  • Justin


    I know it’s twitter, Hulk, and you’re limited, but at least try to spell right if you have the letter availability.

  • CC

    So Hogan knows exactly what Knobbs was doing, despite not being there, and is suggesting that Waltman didnt see what he saw.
    And people wonder why I think Hogan is a complete cunt of the highest order.
    Hogan, you may be friends with Knobbs or he may be your fluffer, but that doesnt mean he didnt do what Waltman said he did. If Waltman and Knobbs are cool with eachother, why would Waltman go out of his way to make something up like that?

  • Kawika

    Man if what Waltman said was true about Knobbs and Hogan just trying to play it off? Hogan is like him doing it himself and disrespecting Savage. Hulk Knobbs may be your friend but he is a jackass for as you say joking around and the fact that you back him up and play it off as oh thats how he is showes just how classless you are. Fact is you couldn’t hold Randys jock strap when it came to performance. Respect due to Waltman who usually shoves his foot in his mouth but seems like he was the only one there with the balls to call Knobbs out on his antics.