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DDP Talks About Wrestlers Using His Yoga, His Past Run with WWE & More

– Former World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke with In the interview, DDP mentioned that he is signed to a WWE Legends deal and could pop up on their YouTube channel in the future. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Q. It was well documented before Chris Jericho’s recent WWE return he used DDP Yoga, how did that come about?

The doctors had told Chris his career was over, he was in too much pain and he had ruptured his lower vertebrae. After starting my programme, in three weeks Chris felt a significant difference, just like I did, and in five weeks he was 85 per-cent pain free. After three months he was 95 per-cent pain free.

Chris talks about the YRG system, which is part of my DDP work out. There are now a number of wrestlers that are doing it, including Kane, and having that big 290lbs Kane doing DDP yoga is pretty cool. I’ve got Tazz, Santino Marella and Mick Foley has just started. I don’t know if Mick will really keep doing it but if he does it will help.

I’m honoured that the only work out Chris is doing is my work out and it’s very cool for me because he promotes the hell out of it and I’m not paying him. He’s not a spokesperson for the company or anything like that, because let’s be honest I couldn’t afford Chris Jericho, he’s a million dollar guy.

Another person I have to thank for really getting DDP Yoga out there is Shawn Michaels, he was the first guy I got doing my YRG work out.

Q. Do you have any regrets from your time in the WWE?

I always get people saying to me ‘what do you feel about the WWE ruining your career?’ and my reaction is always ‘what are you talking about?’ I worked their for four months and I was in the business for 13 years.

I had an amazing run. It didn’t end exactly the way I wanted it to, but I learnt a lot of really strong lessons from the way I handled my career in WWE. I wanted to do ‘peoples’ champion vs. peoples’ champion’. That would have made so much money and would have been a whole different outcome with me and The Rock working together. We complemented each other, but that didn’t work out and I had that idea two years before I ever went to the WWE.

For me not to follow through with a goal is not like me and I never let anyone redirect me. I let that happen, but it taught me not to let anyone take you away from your goals.

Q. We’ve seen a number of comebacks recently with the likes of Booker T and Mick Foley, could we see a return to the ring for DDP?

Not in the ring. I’m done, if I was to do one run it would only because I got so over that they wanted to do something with me. I don’t see me coming back to run anymore, my body feels too good and it’s more important for me to put my foot over my head whilst standing on the other one, than it is to stick it up somebody’s ass.

  • kamala’s foot

    DDP was clearly never over with the fans. Him being a midcard guy showed he was overrated in WCW.

  • Devil_Rising

    @Diesel i really do not think you know what you are talking about!! i have stated what DDP achieved and in such a short time too. you simply rambled incoherently seemingly trying to make a point?

  • venom

    I agree with Diesel. DDP vs The Undertaker was like his only main top feud. He could have faced Austin, Rock, or HHH. But they decided to have feud with Christian who was a lower card guy at the time.

  • moo

    I love doing Yoga, and yeh a lot of wrestlers do it. the best part is the female eye candy that show up.

  • Diesel

    While I do see where you’re coming from Devil, there is also the fact that injury not withstanding he was pretty much a midcard talent as soon as he came into the WWE. Yes he won various titles and what have you but he never made it back to the level of stardom he had in WCW. It wasn’t DDP’s fault , but he could’ve easily been on the same level as say Rock, Austin, HHH, Kane and do on, especially around the time he came in. Rock was in Hollywood, Austin had retired in the ring, Nash was hurt & HBK didn’t officially return until SummerSlam. So there was that pretty big gap at that period of time to fill up with potential stars like say DDP or Rob Van Dam (who was red hot around that time if I remember). So they could’ve easily put him in the top spot and had him feuding with somebody like mega heel HHH.

  • Devil_Rising

    I don’t think WWE “killed off his career”. Fact is, they were pushing him when he got injured. He was European Champion, got a win at Wrestlemania, and he was really popular with the fans, right up until Bob Holly injured him. If he hadn’t gotten hurt, he would have kept wrestling, and for all anyone knows, maybe he would have eventually gotten up to a main event level. Why not? Booker T did. RVD did. Eddie Guerrerro, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, hell, even Rey Mysterio Jr. of all people, all became World Champions in WWE.

    So I see no reason why, barring injury, that they wouldn’t have continued pushing him, because he was popular with the fans. He was always better as a babyface, some guys just aren’t very good heels, just like some guys aren’t very good faces (HBK, Randy Orton).

    It was Bob Holly and an “accident” in the ring that hurt his neck and took him out of the business, not WWE. Yeah, that whole stalker angle WAS lame, and he shouldn’t have let them book him that way. It killed his credibility, but only for a bit. He was building it back up, and they were actually, again, booking him pretty strong before he got hurt. I felt really bad for him, because he was finally getting somewhere in WWE. But oh well. He was EU Champ, Tag Team Champ, had some note-worthy feuds, had his “Wrestlemania Moment”. So while it should have lasted longer, I don’t see how he has much to regret. He Is a former 3 time World Heavyweight Champ after all, the ORIGINAL People’s Champion, and the mere fact that people still remember who Diamond Dallas Page is, speaks volumes to his place in wrestling history.

  • Diesel

    I’ve always respected DDP & he can be as polite as he wants, but WWE DID kill off his career (as they did with a majority of the WCW & ECW talent). He went from being a multiple time heavyweight champion in the main event to a “stalker” & pretty much a parody of himself in real life. He could’ve & should’ve been so much more, and Rock vs DDP “People’s Champion vs People’s Champion” would’ve been awesome!

  • Prince

    Damnit WWE creative, Rock vs DDP would’ve been an awesome feud.

  • Phil Collins

    DDP looks like he can still put on a great match. I hope it happens soon.

  • Dave

    Yet another victim of Bob Holly.

  • AttitudePl0x

    Master of the Diamond YOGA