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– The new issue of WWE Magazine has a fan Q&A section where Dean Ambrose refers to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as his former partners. One of the questions asked Ambrose if there was a WWE Superstar that could make him laugh. He replied:

“My former partners, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. I was probably the class clown of the group so I’d usually start the joking and ribbing. But those two are hilarious. Daniel Bryan is funny too but more because he’s funny looking.”

  • CC

    The word is nonsense, but I would hardly expect you to know that seeing as you have such a hard time grasping what is being said. Maybe I should only post single syllable words for you.. would that be easier?

  • Stock Shark

    Still making no sense! Non-sense utter non-sense!

  • CC

    I’m sorry you are not a scholar, so you find it difficult to comprehend … you’re welcome.

  • Stock Shark

    Your reply make makes zero sense CC zero sense grasping at straws their BRUDDA!!

  • Jason Lentini

    Wrestling is real. Other sports are fake lol.

  • CC

    Am I the one printing a story as if its news?
    Maybe you should change your name to ItsStillRealToMeDammit

  • Stock Shark

    Oh now you made him mad get ready for retribution unlike any seen before!!! LOL

  • OhWaitIStoleThat: CO

    You should change your name to CO for Captain Obvious. Sheesh!

  • CC

    Interviews in that magazine are done months in advance, and pretty much everyone knows that around the time of the Rumble WWE were gonna split the Shield up, then changed their mind. This interview would have been done knowing that by the time it came out, the split would have already happened … but then of course things changed, and someone forgot to edit the interview.

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