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Dean Ambrose Talks About The Shield’s Goals, a Feud with CM Punk and Being with WWE

– WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose recently spoke to to promote this weekend’s WWE live events in Hidalgo, Texas. Here are some highlights:

What is the goal of The Shield within the company?

Ambrose: Our goal, from a personal standpoint, is to work harder than everyone else day in, day out. Get up earlier, train harder and work harder in the ring. This business is ours for the taking and we can take it and we’re going to. And if anyone has a problem with that, then, too bad. Also, I wouldn’t call us cheaters, I would call us winners. We’re not mercenaries, we’re not thugs. We just do what’s best for business by whatever means possible. That’s all kind of up to you to make your own decision about whether that’s good or bad.

Do you still kind of find it amazing that you used to watch wrestling from home and now you’re (a part of it)?

Ambrose: It’s still very hard to wrap my brain around. I was in a main event overall last night, and that doesn’t sink in. I always expected to be here, from day one … it was just a question of when, but it was going to happen. And from the minute I got (to WWE), I expected to be in main events (I’m not in main events all the time, I’m still climbing the ladder). I try to stay pretty humble. Just being in the locker room with guys that I watched on TV; getting advice from Arn Anderson or William Regal, that kind of stuff is really cool to me; getting to work really closely with Triple H, it’s, no pun intended, a trip. It’s weird because you dream of being in this world one day and then you are and then it’s just everyday life … and it’s like, 7-foot (Big Show) walks into catering and it’s like, “What’s up, Show?”

If you could meet anyone in the ring…

Ambrose: I’ve had the opportunity to wrestle pretty much everybody, a huge litany of stars … and in my crystal ball, I see myself and CM Punk crossing paths and colliding. … It’s not anything that’s boiling right now.

  • Dana Snyder

    If you watched the feud between Shield and CM Punk, the only good matches were Punk’s matches with Ambrose.

  • OpFor

    Can’t agree with you more 🙂

  • millerj265

    And in that aspect I agree with you because the top guys in the attitude era did get a lot of there own input in there storylines. But for 1. im not a “PG fan” im a wrestling fan and have been since I was 8, im 24 now so I grew up on the attitude era and the Monday night wars. And 2. I remember the top guys doing some really great stuff, but I also remember there was a lot of stupid pointless crap too. The top guys then would have found a way to make what they were doing great regardless of it being pg or not. And if you haven’t noticed the wwe pretty much lets punk go out there and do whatever he wants because he has earned that right by proving that he is as good as he claims to be, and that he can deliver in any situation. So pg era, attitude era, ruthless aggression era, the hulkamania era, it doesn’t matter if the wrestlers involved are good at there craft, and can at the core of it all tell a compelling story, and have the passion for it to make the fans feel it, and become emotionally involved, then it wont matter what the rating of the tv show is. Punk and the shield, Dean Ambrose specifically are those guys. So if and when they do finally hook up you better believe they will be excited about it and they will go out there and do what they do best which is tell an amazing story and tear it down in the ring.

  • OpFor

    Why you butt hurt PG fans keep thinking of non PG Era or match pr show as just swears and blood , attitude wrestling is not about profanity and blood , otherwise we should watch TNA (Yaawn)
    non PG that I meant is those wrestlers can make a feud with no limits , it doesn’t have to mean only blood and swearing

  • millerj265

    Its still hard for me to believe at times that 5yrs ago I was attending shows at jimmy wang yangs wrestling school in Ohio, and there was Ambrose, sleeping in his truck and not doing so well on a personal level, and then he would come out in front of maybe 50 or 60 ppl and he would just change into this guy who had such a presence, and who carried himself like a star, and you just knew if he ever was given a shot he could shock the world and become a mega star in wrestling. But at that time in wrestling guys like him were rarely given a chance, and on top of that he had a lot of personal demons he was fighting, so to see where he is now, compared to where he was then its very surreal. But im so happy the man got himself together and that he was given a chance to prove why everyone who ever saw him wrestle believed and knew he could be a star if he was just given a shot, and man did he make the best of that opportunity and run with it.

  • millerj265

    The only thing being in a non pg environment would bring to the feud would be blood and more swearing. How would that make it any better? And if you say chair shots to the head that’s just idiotic, cause as much as I missed them at first the more I think about it and the more I hear wrestlers and ppl inside the business talk about it there absolutely right to ban them. And if punk and the members of the shield are as good as everyone claims them to be, which I think they are. Then they should have zero trouble having a compelling and entertaining rivalry, regardless of a pg setting or not. And if you didn’t notice the Lesner vs Punk match took place in the pg era and grant you it wasn’t a Mick Foley attitude era type street fight, but it sure was violent and it told a great compelling story that fans for the most part loved and ate up every second of.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I just like the Shield very good stable. Three of the youngest stars together as one. Yeah they are going to break up someday but not for a while. I do think they are going to turn face pretty soon because don’t see them taking orders from HHH for to long. I just think this stable is more of for the Shield then for HHH cause. Just give it a few more month when they turn face watch how much the fans fall for them. Ambrose has good mic skills and is good in the ring. Punk and Ambrose would be a heck of a match.

  • Greg

    Punk and ambrose put on an amazing 30 min match in fcw that was so good people said it was wrestlemania quality. They cud definitly have a dynamite feud

  • OpFor

    a feud between the shield and Punk would be a very interesting thing to watch even but in a non PG show