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Dean Ambrose vs. The Undertaker Possibly Airing on SmackDown

– There are conflicting reports about the Dean Ambrose vs. The Undertaker match that took place at Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings from London.

It was originally reported as the dark main event of the tapings. Several fans in attendance have noted that it was actually the main event of the TV show taped. A promo aired earlier in the night where The Shield announced Ambrose was coming for Taker tonight. It was also stated in a promo that The Undertaker would be in action on the broadcast.

Apparently the part where Triple H and The New Age Outlaws ran down to save Taker from The Shield was the dark part of the segment. The Taker vs. Ambrose match may be airing on Friday night’s SmackDown episode.

  • I don’t think that they will air it since Ambrose lost that match and I doubt they wanna show a member from the shield losing cleanly unless they edit it to make it a DQ thing.

  • Doctorl21

    Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Mabry

    Awesome, its great for any WWE fan to see Taker live at least once!!!

  • Sam

    I went to Raw in London on Monday and since it was my first live event it was the first (and probably last) time seeing the undertaker live

  • Mabry

    Am from Chile, so we dont get almost no WWE live. But when they came a couple of years later, i got to see Taker. Hes entry was awesome, and he even stood in front of the crow for a while to be pictured. All the great guys are going away, hope HHH knows how to make new stars couse were kinnda short of them right now….

  • Johhny

    Agreed,I have seen him many times live i think the best time was wrestlemania 23 in detroit,I don’t really go to many live shows anymore but there is a smackdown here on the 30th and i hear night of champions is coming to i may go for another chance to see him live again,it is awesome when he comes out

  • Mabry

    I dont know why, but i have the feeling that the Undertaker wrestled in UK because it might be hes last tour!!!… it saddens me to see and know that Taker is close to retiring, the greatest of all times imo…. at least i was lucky to see him live once, i can indeed Rest in Peace now….