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Debate: What’s Wrong With the WWE Today?

One of the biggest complaints about the WWE today is the complaints based on its comparisons to the Attitude Era. Today’s WWE product is a lot less edgy, risky, and doesn’t seem to push the envelope the way it used to. The characters are a lot less dynamic as we had legendary personas such as The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, while the Intercontinental Title and European Title circuit featured future Hall Of Fame talents such as Edge, Christian, William Regal, Taz, Kane, Big Show, and so many more.

Today, outside of the big names like AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins, the lower divisions seem to be suffering a bit with a lack of competition that people truly care about. What is wrong here? Is the story development weak? Character development lacking? What is wrong with the WWE today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section what change you would like to see in today’s WWE product that would restore the greatness we witnessed in the Attitude Ear.

  • Zandorv

    The monologuing gets to me. I’m new to wrestling but several months ago I started watching from 1989 (well before the Attitude Era), and comparatively whenever I switch to the current matches there is *so much* talking going on in the ring. It seems like everybody in modern wrestling matches has to explicitly detail their motivation and backstory, and drag their feuds out verbally in front of the entire crowd. It comes off like they’re childishly coming up to the ring specifically to air their drama in front of millions of fans, and not only does it eat up a lot of time, it also makes all the characters look like massive manchildren (in my opinion). I keep finding myself wishing WWE would just leave some things (like a character’s exact motivation) to speculation and have more feuds played out largely in the ring. Speeches from wrestlers should be largely reserved for pre-fight interviews/promo clips and should cap at maybe a paragraph. Two people getting up in the ring just to talk at each other should be a rarity, not something done every show multiple times a show. That’s not my only complaint with modern WWE but it’s definitely one of the biggest.

  • EVH

    The main problem i see is what i’ll call “self sabotaging”, but i guess you can file it under lack of character development.

    Prior to the brand split WWE had 5 hrs of tv time to develop characters, instead week after week they focused on the same handful of superstars (or the Authority) Since the brand split SD has become must see TV, but it still gets bashed as the “B-show”. How is that supposed to help your brand when you constantly try to keep it down? Raw should be doing everything it can to promote what’s happening on SD. Talk about their exclusive PPVs, the talent and storylines.

    Going back to character development, with the brand split WWE has even less time to make fans care about certain superstars, and what do they do? they add the CW division to Raw, which already at 3 hrs was doing a piss poor job of giving proper tv time to their roster, and their back to spotlighting the same 2-3 guys on the main event, and the same 2-3 guys on the mid card, and the same 2-3 tag teams. Where’s Neville? Apollo Crews? Darren Young? Jack Swagger? Bo Dallas? The Vaudevillains? (im talking in general, i know some of these names arent on Raw)

    And the ones they do give tv time get buried (hello Curt Hawkins, The Ascension, Curtis Axel, Titus O’Neil)
    Is there a rule that says you cant make all your characters relevant? You elevate guys from the midcard to main event (Rusev) to make room in the midcard for someone else. And you drop a guy from the main event to midcard (Roman Reigns) except they ruined that too! Reings has no challenger for the US title, WTF?

    Over on SD they’ve got Corbin who JBL cant stop lusting over, wasting time with Kalisto when he should be challenging the Miz for the IC title.

  • Anthony D. Wojno

    The thing about today’s product is that the world we live in now is not what the world was AKA “society” in the 1990s you don’t have to look at just WWE/WCW look at how different television was, that’s why the product was able to do what it did in raising the bar and getting those ratings. In today’s society and world of TV WWE can’t do or say things without offending certain demographics of people or having the threat of being pulled off the air. I do like how the product has evolved into today’s product, but we will never see WWE product like it used to be during the Monday night wars/attitude era.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Factions where storylines get mixed in with the different wrestlers. It would make for more interesting television.

  • JAckh45

    You say “same storylines” “Quit with used storylines and trying to recreate old wrestlers” and then say “bring back the blood (brood??)” “bring back factions”.
    How would this solve them not doing the same story lines?
    I feel like instead of factions and same storylines… They need to have new matchups. Yet again on RAW we see Owens v Zayne (no kidding thats over the 30th time we have seen that match… and they have only been around for only 19 months on the main roster.) We learn of yet another match between Banks and Flair… what looks like another segment where the club v new day (at least Sheamus n Cesaro are adding to this.)
    They just need to stop pushing the same old match-ups we are so over seeing.

    ((this is just my take one RAW… to be honest, apart from some minor things, Smackdown are killing it right now… AJ is amazing to watch no matter who he is in a segment with, and the Wyatts are great right now finally capturing gold.))

  • Yespage

    I think people are suffering from serious nostalgia memory recall problems. Looking at some cards from the Attitude era and there indeed was some seriously non-memorable matches on PPV cards.

  • BB

    I disagree. I feel like at the moment they have way too many already.

  • BB

    I feel like personally what they need is to give the wrestlers more creative freedom. I’m not talking like WCW creative freedom that caused the company to crash and burn, but the freedom to just let them go out there and be themselves/to grow into their characters; wing their promos. Give them a basic outline of what needs to be said and the point they’re trying to bring across. Everything back in the day seemed so authentic. Maybe it was just because I grew up watching the Attitude Era, I don’t know. I feel like the wrestlers today are twice the athletes than the wrestlers of the past, but the wrestlers of the past have twice the charisma than the wrestlers of today. Just what I think.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I think the WWE, has gotten a lot better, in recent years. Especially with NXT and a lot of the talent, they’ve gotten.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I can agree with about, 80% of what you said.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I honestly think it’s also social media that is hurting the product. It’s a lot easier now to get “behind the seen” aka spoilers

  • allatittude

    it’s too predictable

  • wwemrpeeps85

    They need more superstars.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Same storylines, different personas. It’s just boring… bring back the blood. If anything, Taker made it credible with his own storylines. The Rock had epic matches with Stone Cold. Triple H had DX. There were rivalrys and factions. WWE needs to bring back factions. Than we might have something… the Wyatt Family is a pure rip-off of the Taker faction. Quit with used storylines and trying to rereate old wrestlers from those we saw before.

  • TheFizPop

    Doesn’t have Russo, simple as that…

  • D2K

    It’s been said ad-nausea for years. Not worth talking about anymore.