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“Decent Chance” Of Sting Joining WWE According To Report

– While it seems Hulk Hogan won’t be at WrestleMania next year, Sting could very well be. WWE officials believe Hogan will return to TNA but feel that the company is in a chaotic state right now which could give them the chance to bring in the former WCW and now-TNA icon.

The report notes that WWE feel they have a “decent chance” of luring over Sting and it would be a good coup for the company as he is arguably the biggest name in wrestling to have never work for the company, despite unsuccessful overtures being made in the past.

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  • JAckh45

    I still feel that Taker v Punk was all Punk.
    And sure HHH v Taker one and two were good… but only because they are both so iconic… There was more emotion in thous matches that actual wrestling ability especially in two.
    HBK v Taker is both ways, great matches hands down, wont deny you there.
    But do you really think he could get a great match out with Sting if it were ever to happen?
    I just think its two old dogs way past their prime compared to the dream match we were all expecting.
    It would sell ass loads… but wouldn’t be “Match of all time” worthy.

  • CC

    Taker needs help to carry him in a match? WTF?
    Undertaker at half speed is still worth a 100 other guys.
    Taker vs HBK, HHH and Punk have all been show stealers, and thats not because they all had to carry Taker.
    Yeah he only works Mania and the build up these days cause he is beaten up, but that is so he can go 100% at Mania.

  • millerj265

    I think it may be a little of both. They probably are attempting to get sting every yr, and they might not be as tight lipped about it for the reason you stated.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I smell internet bs…

    If Sting was going to join the WWE he would have done so by now. Not to mention as legendary as both icons are, neither man is getting any younger so really it wouldn’t be as amazing as it could have been 5-10 years ago.

    I’m sorry but this rumour has been done to death so i’m just not buying it

  • ddfindl

    There’s been a “decent chance” of them getting a hold of Sting ever year now…and its always around Road to Wrestlemania time when they say it could happen… Starting to think this is all a ploy to get people to watch the shows in anticipation that it might happen.

  • Old School

    Even a Wyatts vs Kane and mystery partner match. Building up someone who has walked the dark side…

  • Rocco Hunsinger

    pen… is…

  • Shawn Bronald

    With the right opponent, Sting can still put on a relatively okay match (I’m being generous there). What will sell, though, is the build-up to to the match and Sting’s past accomplishments. While many will be clamoring for Sting and Undertaker, Cena, Triple H, Orton, Punk, etc…. I’d like to see him work with a couple younger guys. Sure, we’d probably get the Sting vs. Undertaker match to start since it’s a “dream match” and if they don’t do it now, it’ll never happen. But after that, I’d love to see Sting vs. Cody Rhodes. Why? Sting and Dusty go way, way, way back and this would be a fun match from a nostalgia standpoint. Also, I think Sting vs. Christian and Sting vs. Kane could make some sense and both could definitely carry him. Finally, I think Sting vs. Bray Wyatt would have a nice build and *could* potentially be a fun match (if there were a gimmick involved and/or Bray really improves in the ring). Either way, their gimmicks can match up and it would make sense for Bray to target a guy like Sting for so many reasons.

  • Rikthagreat

    I dont think you and I seen the same match jack.

  • JAckh45

    Honestly think this would be a “meh” move. Sure the marks would love it… but in all honesty Sting’s best days are well behind him.
    Could he even preform as a main eventer? (Cause lets face it, if he comes to WWE, he would be thrown up there so fast). Also who would he be thrown to face? Cena? Orton? Do you guys honestly want to see Cena v Sting?…
    I mean I’ve always wanted to see the Sting v Taker match… who hasnt? But would this match be any good nowadays? Both Sting and Taker need someone to carry their matches these days… We all saw how awesome Punk v Taker was, all credit on Punk for that one. Taker v HHH was below par which gives proof to Taker needing the help these days…

    I just don’t see what value from a match we could get from him. But who knows, maybe it could work… Still aint holding my breath tho.