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Del Rio Competes In Big Six-Man, Ryback Hypes HIAC, Otunga

– Here’s the latest tweet from Ryback to hype Hell In a Cell:

“Shark swimming with dolphins. Sink or Swim. #FeedMePunk”

– The episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass on the Oprah Network featuring WWE Superstar David Otunga will air on November 4th.

– The main event of last night’s WWE NXT live event in West Palm Beach, Florida saw Alberto Del Rio, his brother Memo Montenegro and Ricardo Rodriguez defeat Kassius Ohno, Corey Graves and Leo Kruger. One fan in attendance called it one of the most exciting NXT live event matches he’s seen.

  • this guy

    Rocky sucks is a moron.

    That is all

  • Rocky sucks

    Lord kgm that’s has to be the worst comment I’ve ever read on here dude stfu ryback is way better than punk ..punks time as champ is over and ryback is going to anialate that cm chump

  • Lord KGM

    Punk will get an ass beatin the whole match, hit the GTS and win. Ryback is a mixture of Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg (only because of the streak.) I agree with D2K in the fact that this was a bad idea because Ryback isn’t ready. I hate saying this but I’d rather see CM Punk lose to John Cena before Ryback because Cena’s moveset is far more advancec than Ryback. I don’t agree with the options that D2K offered tho. Ryback being the new era of wrestling for WWE would be the end of the company as we know it. He has massive work needed to be done with his movesets and mic skills. He is poised, has amazing charisma and the physical features to be a legend. Goldberg had to jitsu moves along with a wide variety of suplexes. He knew the basic and advanced moves to place Goldberg above the likes of Sting and Hogan. Ryback wont ever possess those qualities, WWE made the worse mistake in not capitalizing off of CM Punk’s amazing heel run which lead to the pipe bomb promo…turning him face, set the company’s idea for him back when the response to a good CM Punk wasn’t as praised as they would’ve liked in the beginning. Then when they turned him heel, it was too late to capture the essences of his heel run because his face run was just getting established. Sad thing is I think they will change the script again at the wrong time, that time maybe HIAC with Ryback starting the “bland” era…good luck WWE, u will need it if u do what I think u will. Peace Lord KGM

  • Shawn O B

    no matter what happens, CM Punk is going to get roughed up.

  • D2K

    That would make the WWE title more worthless than it already is now. There is NO WAY Vince McMahon would allow the WWE title to be treated in such a fashion. It also would make CM Punk useless as well as his title reign.

    After being beat down in a HITC; having the guy that beat you, take the title you held for nearly one year and just toss it aside like so much garbage, why would anyone have a reason to fear CM Punk after that? He’d be ruined.

    I’m sorry, but do think I could come up with a worse idea than that.

    The fact this match is even happening is already a bad idea, but it’s too late to turn back now. The only viable options I see are to either have some type of swerve finish where Punk does something under-handed to keep the title, or just go ahead and let Ryback win the title and start a new era.

  • Nick

    I am hoping that Ryback walks out WWE Champion. I think what they should do is have Ryback win the title, but at the end of the match just leave the title in the ring next to a beat down punk. The next night on RAW Ryback explains just like Cena said, Ryback isn’t about the WWE title (Yet) he just wants to kick some ass. Than Punk stays champ, and Ryback stays undeafed.