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Del Rio Pulled From Title Match At No Way Out, #1 Contender Match Announced

WWE announced through their Mobile Alert service Monday that Alberto Del Rio will be unable to face Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out on June 17. A new No. 1 contender will be determined on tonight’s Raw SuperShow.

The message reads: “BREAKING NEWS: Due to a concussion on SmackDown, Del Rio wont face World Champion Sheamus @ No Way Out. New #1 contender to be named on tonight’s Raw (8/7 CT).”

Del Rio suffered a “serious concussion” at last Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Columbia, South Carolina. During a skirmish, Sheamus slammed Del Rio’s head against the metal WWE logo, leading to the injury. He was subsequently pulled from this past weekend’s SmackDown live event tour.

  • Tyler

    If Ziggler becomes number one contender and wwe gives him a big push they better do It with out Vickie Guerrero by his side

  • Tyler

    Wade Barrett was injured in February and they said it will be four months tell he will return Sheamus vs Barrett

  • Maxwell

    I Agree with having Ziggler is the match for the title, he really deserves it, and as much as I hate to say it, I agree with Nick, It would be pretty sick seeing Tyson Kidd vs Ziggler vs Sheamus. I think that would be a great match, other wise, Ziggler is more than likely to be “beaten down” by sheamus, at least have a good Atlethe there like Tyson Kidd, that way Ziggler can Fight with him, while the Sheamus is “hurt” outside the ring. Plus it pushes Tyson, because if your a Ziggler fan, your most likely going to like Tyson, as they have very similar wrestling history, and skills.

  • Tyler

    If it’s not those two it could be the return of undertaker And it’s perfectly clear that Kane is going to win the WWE championship because aj will cost the win from punk and Bryan will get distracted from aj and Kane will get his revenge

    So it will be the return of The Brothers Of Destruction
    Kane wwe champion
    Undertaker world champion

  • Tyler

    There is big talk that the wrestling god JBL is soon to be returning it will be great if I hear JBL music hit during the number one contender match or it’s John Cena

  • Jimbo

    So that’s two people Sheamus has seriously injured within a year’s time.

  • WrestlingTrunks

    I think Ziggler will more than likely get it – they won’t have him win the match at No Way Out though, shame.

  • sandman

    I like these fail boys that are trying to make tyson kid matter via power of the internet. Just stop with it he will never be zack ryder WWWYKI

  • Whatever

    lol, just nobody wants Tyson Kidd, lol.

    The Ziggler push would be great, great seller, great athlete, he is just great! (great enough at least)

  • Elizabeth

    Bring Back Randy!!! # 1 contender ..

  • nick


  • mark

    Yes I dont really like him but I hope hes not serious hurt

  • Lil Drew

    It’s not going to be Rhodes yet since he has a Match against Christian for the IC title at No Way Out unless they have him pull double duty which wouldn’t be rare for WWE to do

  • sam

    whilst i hope del rio recovers from this concussion on the other hand im glad hes not in this match, its time to push a mid carder such as cody rhodes or maybe even dolph ziggler give a young talent a chance to shine at main even level

  • JohnCena33

    Ziggler should be #1 contender. #PUSHZIGGLER