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Democrats Bring in Benoit’s Dad, Linda Comments on His Feelings

– Democrats in Connecticut brought in Michael Benoit, the father of Chris Benoit, to speak out against WWE and Linda McMahon at a press conference. Benoit said he was there to “change an industry that is out of control.”

Benoit later said that Vince and Linda McMahon have one reason that motivates them – money. Benoit also said everything the McMahons do is based on public relations. “The only reason that woman wants to go to Washington is to protect the dollars that WWE makes, to head off any attempt to regulate their industry.” said Benoit.

Linda spoke to reporters shortly before Benoit’s press conference and said the motive is clear on why he was speaking out.

“I think Mr. Blumenthal has really tried to focus in only saying that WWE does not treat its performers well, when in fact, WWE treats its performers incredibly well and it wants to make sure that those men and women in the ring are protected,” she said.

“I can truly understand the pain of a father who has not only lost a child but a son who was involved in a heinous crime of killing his wife and his son,” McMahon said to reporters. “I can understand that his feelings are bitter, sad, wants to find answer and would like to also find someone to blame.”

Benoit responded: “Maybe I come off as a bitter father. I’m determined to make change in this industry so we don’t have people dropping dead at the age of 30.”

  • jon

    Man linda should lose i still think its wired how Eddie pass two nights after doing a show on Smackdown in a hotel then Chris Benoit left his ppv match to go home but vince or his dad did wanna tell him to stay at the ppv linda going to lose and just watch & see plus no wonder Y Linda hasn’t have money like that her husbend in which she share is money has the money 4 real

  • aaron

    probably wrong place to put this but i really think chris benoit should be in the hall of fame now im saying chris benoit the character from wwe not the murderer christopher michael benoit from real life

  • Joe

    He wants to change the industry and make it to where people aren’t dying at 30 but yet his son didn’t just drop dead of an overdose. His messed up son killed a kid and the mother of that kid and then killed himself. Yes WWE should prevent the use of steroids but yet he can’t put the blame on WWE when as a father he should have stepped in and tried to help out his son before this event happened. He’s a waste of time and in it for money like Vince and Linda. Benoit will go down as one of the best wrestlers to ever walk this earth but everything that happened in that house will always tarnish it.

  • jim

    Benoit responded: “Maybe I come off as a bitter father. I’m determined to make change in this industry so we don’t have people dropping dead at the age of 30.”

    btw what does helping out lindas opponent have to do with making a change in the industry go talk to congress you idiot.i smell that her opponent paid his dad to come out and flap his gums..typical democrat politicing..they have sucked so instead of telling us what they will do or have done..all they can do is attack people.that shows alot.

  • jim

    this seems like to me that Benoit is bitter..and his whoring out the fact of what his son did for dirty politics.cant blame the McMahon because his son was a druggie and a roid head scum bag who killed his wife and kid.the McMahon didn’t make him shoot up or take the drugs..if the job was that hard on him he should have found another line of work..this happens far to often a wrestler does drugs then blames the business its not the business.its called taking control of your own actions.

  • Dave

    Gee, I wonder if the dems paid Michael Benoit to speak against Linda… Seems the WWE aren’t the only ones who are money motivated.