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– The Shoot sent the following:

Former WWE NXT developmental talent Derek Foore, formerly known as Chad Baxter, joined Gary Cantrell and Alan Martin on The Shoot Radio show on Sunday June 23, 2013. The interview can be heard at this link.

Derek has been in the news lately as he has stated that he plans on selling his WWE contract. Derek who was released by the WWE in November 2012 had a lot to get off his chest. The interview starts off with Derek saying that he is making sure all of his ducks are in line & making sure that there are no legal issues that he is breaking regarding selling his contract. Derek said the talent is risking their lives for millions upon millions of fans for pennies. He says that they (WWE) painted a sky blue picture and once he got to Tampa, FL it wasn’t that whatsoever. He would go on to say that he was treated like the black sheep when he first got down there (NXT) and was not what he expected, as he was treated like gold at his tryout and that they kicked him to the curb right when he got down there. Derek feels that they looked at him at having a golden ticket to getting into the company

Other highlights include:

On who made the phone call to fire him:

Derek said didn’t want to give out the name of who made the call but he did say the guy has no professional wrestling experience background at all as he was a professional sand volleyball player.

On Bill Demott:

“If you messed up on a spot, he would break a yard stick over your back.” Derek talked about John Cena’s personal trainer Rob MacIntyre of Hard Knocks South gym being blamed for all the injuries in NXT but in all actuality it was Demott who injured the wrestlers with his high intense level of training. Derek says Bill would say he is here to create the future for tomorrow but Derek thinks he is only there to market his book. Derek says Bill would tell stories about the amount of drugs he did back in the day. Derek doesn’t think Bill belongs there at all.

On the current guys being called up:

Derek says that everyone who is making it on the road looks like a freak show, the freakier you look pretty much the better and that’s what is going to get you to the top. Derek says they aren’t going for that pretty boy muscle look anymore as a lot of the guys have flabby bodies. .

Prime Time Players and Team Hell No using his ideas:

Derek talked about his tag team partner Chase Donovan and him turning in 13 pitches and even made their own vignettes but they didn’t want to use any of their ideas, but a couple weeks down the road the Prime Time Players were using their ideas on Monday Night Raw as well as Team Hell No as they stole some of their stuff. Derek said they are the guinea pigs of the company. Derek referenced that their manager started using the whistle and that Team Hell stole the doctor, the hugging and using the word nerds which Daniel Bryan started using.

  • Erik Kessler

    yeah it true vince like big guys. hogan, diesel, sid, undertaker, batista, from most recent big E. big jack up guy. vince like bodybuilder type. it sound like to me this devolpment talent is just bitter alot sour grapes. because he didn’t have what it takes make it to big wwe. sour grapes!

  • CC

    But by the same token this guy is suggesting that they arent going for pretty boy looks and most are flabby. With the exception of Bray Wyatt and Brodus Clay, how many recent(ish) call ups are flabby. Jackson is injured, so whether he comes back or not is pure speculation on your part.
    As for Mason Ryan, what has he done to justify coming back? Both times they tried to bring him up he has looked terrible.
    And are you also saying that any of the recent call ups are freaky in any way shape or form?
    Scooter may have misread the freaky comment, but that does not detract from the fact that this guy is indeed a cry baby.

  • stockshark28

    And John Tolos before that when he was a manager in the WWF.

  • Scooter

    I interpreted “look like a freak” as meaning the “genetic freak” regardless I think the guys trying their best to find a unique look shouldn’t be looked down on for doing so.

  • Daniel Covell

    Their manager used the whistle? It must be copying his idea then. Or maybe that idea was stolen from Bill Alfonso.

    Foore sounds a little bit bitter here.


    Are you incapable of reading correctly? He said jacked up guys DONT get called up these days.. i mean look at Mason Ryan we may never get to see him on WWE tv again and the same could be said for Ezekiel Jackson

  • Scooter

    I’m sorry but the system has changed big time and this guys a tool if he thinks only jacked guys get called up these days. Lets look at all the call ups of the past year or so then shall we:
    Antonio Cesaro (okay he’s in great shape but he’s not a genetic freak)
    The Shield (2 out of 3 of them aren’t exactly jacked)
    Fandango (Again he looks great but he’s no freak)
    Big E langston (Okay this dudes huge fair enough)
    Damien Sandow (agan not huge by any means.)
    Curtis Axel (Again not a big guy but in great physical condition)
    Seems to me like their now calling up guys with good physiques regardless of size which I think is great yes John Cena has an amazing physique but so does Dolph Ziggler in a very different way.

  • Jim

    Sounds like he needs to grow up and step into the real world. Crybaby

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