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More Details Regarding Backstage Heat on The Rock for WrestleMania 28

– There is said to be more than a few people within WWE that are genuinely complaining about The Rock returning and being featured for WrestleMania 28.

The argument is there about The Rock not working with WWE full-time but some feel that you don’t want The Rock around every month because he’s a special attraction.

While there are some people openly complaining about The Rock, it’s said that you mostly hear about the negative feedback from people who are upset at The Rock’s haters.


  • Matt

    and like any of those fucking complainers wouldn’t jump ship in a heart beat if someone was offering them millions of dollars to do movies.

  • shawn

    when someone chooses to talk smack about someone over somebody else whos been doing the same thing it usually means that someone likes the latter person better than the former one. its the way it is. thats why the Punk/Brown article was a war of words. to each thier own.
    and 2 likes for Devil-Rising again from me. there you go. wtf?

  • Devil_Rising


    No offense, but get a clue.

    Rock/Dwayne doesn’t owe you jack shit. You paid your money to see him (or DID you?), and he gave you entertainment. For years. It hasn’t been “Seven Years Since the Rock Left”, he was here in 2004 for WM20. He was here a few years ago to induct his old man and grandfather into the HoF. And he was here LAST YEAR, pre-WM and at WM, to help hype an otherwise incredibly lame and boring show. He was the only reason that WM made a lot of money. I’m not saying that SHOULD be the case, but WWE was so lazy they allowed Rock hosting the show and reffing the main event to cover up their lazy ass booking.

    And honestly, while I don’t like all the movies he makes, I’d hardly call him “a crappy actor” or even that he makes “crappy movies”. He doesn’t. Some of them have actually been pretty good, and most of them make quite a bit of $$$$. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Orton, HHH, Cena, etc., on the other hand? Their movies have all pretty much bombed at the box office, or go straight to DVD (with the exception of The Expendables, but people didn’t go see that because of Austin. Same with “The Longest Yard” remake).

    He left wrestling, effectively RETIRING. He didn’t turn his back on the fans, any more than any OTHER wrestler who hangs up his boots “turns his back” or “sells out”. This whole issue is moronic and pointless. Any OTHER wrestler who retires, does something else, but comes back once in a blue moon to make appearances, they get a pass, but the Rock, because he’s such a huge name in the business…no, somehow he’s this enormous asshole for coming back and hogging the spotlight. Except…..AGAIN people, he didn’t book the match. Vince McMahon did. Because he likes money. And this match will make a LOT of money, in fact most of you complainers will STILL likely pay $$$ for it and watch. “Dwayne” agreed to do the match, sure, but I don’t think for a second he wouldn’t’ have been just as happy to just go do another film.

    So just get over it already. Vince already booked the match. It’s happening. And because of Rock, Cena might actually have a more entertaining match than he usually does. Either order WM, or don’t. But hating on The Rock for coming back to headline WM is pretty silly.

  • Devil_Rising

    So I suppose every time Stone Cold pops back up and makes an appearance, or Roddy Piper, or HBK, or whoever, THAT’S “not cool” either, because they’re just not around. Or how about Jericho, who leaves WWE for stretches and then comes back for awhile, and then leaves again? I suppose HE’S “not doing any good” either, right?

    This whole issue is moronic. I above anyone don’t think the Rock/Cena match should be THE main event. It shouldn’t. But to say that Rock coming back and having one match is bad, is retarded. As I’ve said before, he’s going to wind up MAKING all those fools who are complaining about him, MORE MONEY, because their WM checks will be alot bigger due to him being there.

  • venom

    If The Rock never left WWE in 2004, then we would have sick of him just like everybody is with Cena today. People should just shut up and enjoy the show.

  • pro wrestling fan

    The Rock I am not a big fan of but to say he shouldn’t be there is full of shit he has every right to be there he drew more money and fans than all of today’s roster combined he can entertain on mic which is seemed to be a lost art and to say he don’t want make stars or put others over how can he wen the roster today don’t have the heart or sacrifice to do it with exception of punk cena and orton no new wrestlers want it it you got santino. Playing with a snake puppet. You got Bryan screaming “yes” “yes”you got lil’jimmy you got I’m awesome and you got tighty whiteys Rhodes the rock ain’t putting them lame as characters over

  • whocares

    I really don’t care about taker hhh 3. Obviously taker will go over. If he were going against wade or dolph, then it might be less of a sure thing. No point in putting over a guy who is likely to retire on the same night.

  • b c Mitchell

    HBK and Austin retired. Mainly because of injury concerns. Hardly selling out man.

  • heyfit

    Rock, Austin & HBK sold out on their fans by leaving.

    Fuck those 3 sell outs.

  • Austing doesnt come back for Mania and hog up the Main event, he comes back for may be a beer segment and a stunner, and a backstage segment between matches, never to tak ring time away from anyone big difference, and Taker has earned himself the right two basically mail in the last two years, they clearly just want to give him the 20-0 then hes gone, The Rock is one of my faves of all times but rather than pu boots to asses he put his foot in his mouth claiming he was never leaving!

  • Starship Pain

    It doesn’t matter (no pun intended)… The Rock made his decision and he’s a movie guy, that’s all. Accept it already. And like somebody said already, what about Undertaker, Stone Cold, Triple H and others?

    Undertaker is still with WWE under a contract, but hell, he’s already burned up and he can’t do it anymore. he’s making his way out and is understandable.
    Stone Cold is the same case as Edge. A neck injury finished their journey. Stone Cold doesn’t come back to wrestle, only to give show once or twice a year and that’s all. he’s only taking air time, but not a belt or a PPV match.
    Triple H is in his way out, too. He already have no knees. He’s almost finished, but you already know it, he likes to get in the middle of great storylines (like the CM Punk vs the WWE. He came and defeated CM Punk) and likes to be the star in other guy’s moment (I still don’t get whye he’s inducting the 4 Horsemen and not another fellow horseman). He’s getting more things than any other guy.
    Trish is not a legend like the other guy already mentioned. She was a regular wrestler, and she is overrated. I don’t get why, there are, there where and there will be real wrestling women, like Luna Vachon, Bull Nakano, Lita, Natalia, beth Phoenix, etc… So why getting mad at Melina for bitch crying about a “legend” getting the spotlight. Let’s not mention that pigmy Snooki…

  • Bill

    Here’s the difference between Rock vs. HHH, Taker, & Austin. They all come back frequently. Rock… err, Dwayne, hasn’t been back in 7 years & has been shooting crappy movies during his absence! I smell what Dwayne’s cooking, & it’s hot garbage. If he said that he’d be back for the big 4 PPVs, or will come when he can, then I’d be okay. He said he’d be back forever! Damn, what a way to get a cheap pop, then some heat. I feel Rock 10 yrs ago was a swell, honest guy. But Dwayne isn’t.

  • Whocares

    I don’t want to see taker te way we all see Ric flair now. Like I said, I love him, but his body is not what it once was.
    And if this is rude, I don’t care: I always found his theatrics to be pretty lame and out of place with the rest of wwe.
    Screw it. I used to love taker. Now he looks like an old queen with his eye liner.
    He’s one of the best wrestlers ever, but I’m way passed tired of his character.

  • Justin Sane

    With all of this being said, can you blame John Morrison for being that way toward Trish Stratus? It’s the exact same thing.

  • TG

    I can when building toward the match the superstars will be semi-involved having their thoughts on each and who their rooting. Of course most of the younger generation will side with Cena. But like how the WWF and Alliance members were watching the Winner Take All match (Survior Series 2001). I see the same except using Cenation and Team Bring It this time.

  • fail

    Ground breaking article.. Heard this all before

  • mattb

    it just would be the shit if they had supercena put over the rock. everyone would be like wtf.

  • mattb

    an hogan rock had a huge draw plus every kid 10 and under will have mommy and daddy buy the ppv

  • mattb

    its going be the “unofficial official” passing of the torch like mania with hulk an the rock was.

  • Big T

    Some of you guys are freaking morons! The Undertaker has been wrestling since the 80’s and has been a part of the WWE for over 20 years. He is the WWE, and if he wants to show up once a year, he has earned that right. I want so bad to give some of degenerate “know it alls” a freaking wedgie.

  • Whocares

    Seth you are right. I hate when cole compares the steak to going 19-0 at the super bowl. I love taker, and I appreciate all that he does for the company, but it’s time for home to stop if he can’t work more than one match in a year.

  • dave

    and who would cena be facing if not the Rock? the rock is a major celeb in hollywood and despite that fact, had he left wrestling 2003 and never done anything he would still be MAIN EVENTER huge draw. the rock is a wrestling legend and should be treated as one. also he could face HHH next year and undertaker the next year or vice versa.

  • b c Mitchell

    Can it at least not be said nobody can touch his skill set. Rock was unbelievably charismatic yes but his in ring skills? Average at best. Great example of hindsight being rosy. His matches all followed the tried and true 5 moves of doom WWE style. He was nothing special as far as work rate was concerned. Plus its valid that the complaints are the whole show is built around him. Austin comes in for a special appearance. They don’t build it up like King Austin is saving us with his mere presence like with Rock. Im glad to see him pop up but I was doing fine without him too

  • hbk fan

    well with the rock on the ppv that means more of a pay day for everyone else the more u draw the better u get paid i didnt hear people bitching about andrea only working big time matches be it he couldnt go anymore but he was used kinda in the same way or if austin wrestled next year against cena or orton people wouldnt say a word its because they want what the rock has he is the biggest star in wrestling ever you can say austin or hogan but every 6 months the rock draws a movie audience that cena austin or the almighty hogan could never dream of rocky is the biggest draw there is

  • Dave

    That may have been what he meant.
    It wasn’t what he said.


    For all you people whinning about the whole “never going to leave” just dont get it. I never thought he was going to be back on wwe full time. Thats what Twitter and Facbook are for so he NEVER LEAVES AGAIN meaning he will still be around in some capacity. Some of these whinners need to move on cause if the ROCK did go back full time alot of other guys would not have a job.

  • Simon07

    I stand by my opinion of once they are bigger than the Rock they can complain, until then stop complaining about it and become huge instead.

  • Bawb

    I think this tension is great for business. Whether it genuinely affected Cena or not, Cena’s promo last Monday was gold. Whatever heat there may be, I suggest to throw it in front of the camera. Makes for great television.

  • keylo

    Date: Feb 22, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    I don’t like the Undertaker’s schedule either. I think it’s a joke that he gets paid to work one match a year, maybe two.

    I think its you that is the joke as Taker and leaving the last year out has being putting his body and health on the line for 20 yrs, so show some sense as how many other sports starts are still doing it after 20 years ? taking the bangs he has over those years. Its not like he is getting any younger now is it moron and as we, well some unlike you know, the older you get the longer it takes to recover.

  • Ricardo

    HHH is always there. He may be backstage and not a permanent on-screen character, but he’s there. To compare him with The Rock is insane. As for Undertaker and Stone Cold, they’re not the hypocrites. They never said they would never leave. The lengths that people go to to defend Rocky.

  • kane

    here’s an idea. how about the rock comes back full time and everyone complaining about it lose their job so they can pay the rock’s salary? with all of the rumors of massive job loses in wwe, some people need to shut up and be thankful to even have a job right now. i promise you there are a ton of independent talent who would do their job for less money and not say a word because they would be happy to be in wwe with a chance to make more money in the future.

  • Seth

    I don’t like the Undertaker’s schedule either. I think it’s a joke that he gets paid to work one match a year, maybe two. The streak has become a joke. When Cole goes on about it being the “greatest streak in sports” and compares it to other legitimate sports achievements it’s enough to make me reach for the remote.

  • Mark

    this is complete bollocks . Rock is a class act. What was wrong with him going to pursue a movie career. Im just glad hes back in some capacity.

  • The Great One.

    Heres an idea, instead of bitching and complaining, get a set of balls and work your ass off like The Rock did to get over when he worked for WWE and helped create the greatest era in history, the attitude era.

    The Rock walks into the main event whenever he wants, why?

    Because he is one of the greatest of all time. If you dont like it then work like hell to try and become better than him.

  • Cakes

    These people are hypocrites when it comes to the Rocks situation. It’s okay for Taker, HHH, and at time Stone Cold to come back and only show up for wrestlemania, but when it comes to the Rock, he’s being selfish and only cares about himself? I understand why fans are upset with the rock, because face it, he is just THAT great and that hasn’t been anyone in the WWE that comes close to his skill level since he left. But as far as worksites being upset with him? Completely bullshit. Every wrestlemania since WM21, cena has been in the main event WWE title match. Now WM28, he’s not and guys like CM punk and Jericho are able to co headline in the title match. Who’s spot is the rock taking? And who wants that spot against cena at WM because it’s expected that you would get buried.

  • AttitudePl0x

    They are probably mad they won’t achieve even a quarter of what the Rock’s achieved up to this point in their lives

  • Dave

    He should never have claimed he was back for good and never going away again. It was a promise that was never going to be kept.

  • Whatever

    “While there are some people openly complaining about The Rock, it’s said that you mostly hear about the negative feedback from people who are upset at The Rock’s haters.”

    NO WAY?! WOW!What a surprise…

  • JRC