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More Details on the Chris Jericho Incident In Brazil Last Night

– As noted before, WWE has suspended Chris Jericho for an incident in Brazil where he kicked the Brazilian flag in a match against WWE Champion CM Punk.

Jericho was almost arrested as authorities present at the event were upset and at one point, it appeared Jericho was going to be taken into custody. Cooler heads prevailed and he was not charged by police.

Source: PWInsider

  • Appocalypse

    I can’t wait to see Fozzy again. Saw them back in november, class act. True Jericho fans shouldnt bitch that hes leaving to tour for a few weeks, keeps him fresh everytime he returns. Just a shame they jobbed him out this time around, but i dont care as im happy to see him perform, wether it be on stage or in the ring. This Jericoholic is satisfied.

  • aaron

    Didn’t HBK put the Canadian flag up his nose?

  • TheSheepDog

    well, atleast he kicked it, i mean that is what the country is most known for, its football, so some poetic notions there 🙂 just lost in translation

  • OGitchida

    well now Jericho can go on that Fozzy Tour everybody was talkin bout and come back after the suspenion like he was never even gone…

  • Bawb

    Yeah, he seemed pretty apologetic on Twitter. I blame WWE for allowing the flag to be brought out. Given their history of flags and heels, didn’t they think SOMEthing was going to happen?