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More Details on JBL Wanting to Make WWE Return

As reported earlier, John “Bradshaw” Layfield recently teased on his Twitter that he would be replacing Booker T on commentary on SmackDown. Layfield later admitted that he was kidding, but expressed interest in a return to commentary if the job were available. During a recent interview with Raj Giri of, JBL discussed how interested he was in a return to the announce booth.

“I am interested,” Layfield admitted. “The job has not been offered to me and I was just having fun with Michael Cole on Twitter. I think I said I was coming back. You know, I was having fun with Michael. I don’t mean to mislead anyone, I’m not working, so to speak, on Twitter. [Laughs.] I was simply having fun. The job does appeal to me, yeah.

“I never thought the job would come open. There’s only two jobs for color commentary in WWE and Jerry Lawler may be there for another 30 years and I hope he is. He’s a great commentator. Booker moving to the general manager role opens up that job. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not filled and I don’t know it. It could be filled and they may already have plans for it — I don’t know that. I haven’t been offered the job. They haven’t told me, ‘Hey we want you to come work,’ or anything. So, yeah, it does interest me and if they called, it certainly would be very tempting to do.”

  • Vic

    JBL & JR on commentary for me please!!! That would be fuckin epic.

  • john

    i would love jbl on commentary! getting bored of the current commentary with cole being a douche and jerry constantly surprised at whatever cena does when it’s never a surprise when cena is just plain predictable so JBL could make a huge difference

  • Little Jimmy

    I’d rather see Jim Ross or William Regal as the new SD commentator even though I do like JBL.

  • The Showoff

    Replace Jerry Lawler damn ever since he’s been a face he is just annoying and cheesy as hell. JBL is great.

  • Bill

    Honestly, have JBL on Raw for a 3-man team. He could balance out their horrible stupidity & do all of the heel work Michael Cole shouldn’t be doing,

  • Robinson

    @jefferson whos the poor mans Jericho?! BC I know its not miz or jbl.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I’d love to see JBL come back on commentary. When he was first at the booth, he was basically shooting on people left and right. And it was great. He goofed on MVP and how he’d say he deserved this and that, etc. And JBL ranted, “Eddie Guerrero and I spilled our blood in that ring for the WWE Championship, and this guy comes in and expects everything handed to him? MVP, my ass!”

    Once after a Divas segment, the following match featured Miz, and JBL would sarcastically say, “Speaking of divas” about Miz. And once even told Cole, “Cole, all professional wrestling aside, I hate him!” about Miz. And I loved that because I can’t stand Miz. Couldn’t stand him on MTV, couldn’t stand him 5 years ago, and can’t stand him now.

    He’s overrated by internet fans, because he’s not that great on the mic, sucks in the ring, and is just a poor-man’s Jericho. But JBL was always a great talker, and was gold on commentary. JBL was never a “wrestling god” either, which is why he labeled himself one, to annoy fans. But the character of JBL was great, and he’s even better as a commentator. I’m all for his return. I hope it happens.

  • sam

    it would be interesting to see the dynamic between JBL and cole. last time they were together JBL heel and cole face. now that cole is a heel that would mean JBL face??

  • Wellsy

    Lawyer needs to go back to being a heel commentator. That’s when he was funny. He’s boring as a face.

  • chronoxiong

    I would love for JBL to return to commentary. He is wrong about Lawler though. Lawler needs to go as he provides nothing entertaining on commentary. I actually prefer for JBL to replace Lawler.

  • Jimbo

    Make the call, WWE.