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Details on Why Jeff Hardy Has Heat in TNA, Update on Matt Hardy’s Release

– There is lots of heat on Jeff Hardy right now for announcing on Twitter this week that he was returning at tonight’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Huntsville, Alabama. TNA had wanted to keep Hardy’s return a surprise until tonight but when Hardy announced it on Twitter, they went ahead and announced it on their website.

Many people in the company were wondering if this was Jeff’s “screw you” to TNA after they released his brother Matt Hardy.

Regarding Matt’s release, the call came directly from the top of the company – Bob, Janice and Dixie Carter. Dixie heard about Matt’s arrest while she was on the road with TNA in Georgia and became very upset. TNA had been planning on bringing back both Matt and Jeff together in time for Bound For Glory.


  • StudDog

    ^ ^ ^ ^
    LOL Dumbass. To bad nobody cares about Paton cept his pet opossum cletus.

  • Paton

    and fat Hardy cares about StudDog too…

  • StudDog

    Yep, StudDog does care, I care about any human being who is sick, injured, in danger, or in Matts case going down a road of self destruction. I am not heartless like a lot of you, Whatcha gonna do?

  • venom

    Maybe Jeff can work a deal with WWE and check into rehab after his drug charges clear up. As far as Fatt hardy, who cares? Oh, StudDog cares.

  • Nicholas G

    Yeah that will get people to watch. Let me tell you the truth about Jeff and Matt Hardy they are way overrated. I mean they came to TNA and WWE hasn’t miss them one bit. I mean at least I haven’t. Never did like Jeff and Matt Hardy an never will. They are just two junkies who can never get there act together. An Jeff Hardy not that impressive to me watch him at live events before an his moves are very sloppy in the ring for me. Most of his moves he miss all the time.

    In closing WWE is not going to even tough the Hardy’s because they are both still have major drug issue. The Jeff Hardy got busted for drugs after leaving WWE was the last time you will have see Jeff in the WWE ring. An the same goes for Matt Hardy. These two were given number of chances and never clean up there acts. I don’t blame Dixie for letting Matt go. But tell me this how does it make TNA look when they still have a bunch more junkies still in TNA.

  • What can Matt and Jeff be thinking. They have the fans and Jeff especially had the status in both WWE and Impact Wrestling. In my opinion Jeff is the headliner but, headliner for what I would not want my kids idolizing him. They should take what they have in the talent department and run with it. Instead it seems that they just want to defy any and everything that applies to the laws or the rules of life.

  • shawn

    hmmf. i haven’t been watching impact but i did tonight because of jeffs announcement. im not a mark, i just like his matches. and i dont dislike him for endangering a wrestlers health while being high, just as long its not me. HA.

  • Jason

    @ Adam

    That’s just storyline wise that they are in control. This decision is the real world.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    mad* we need an edit button on this site.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    They are made at Jeff? This could possibly get them more viewers than usual. Jeff maybe a druggy but he has a big fan-base who I’m sure have been waiting to see him again.

  • CC

    I still dont get how they can be upset with Matt and fire him over this when its the same shit or lesser shit than the likes of his brother, Angle and Flair have done.
    Granted he wasnt as far up the pecking order as those guys, but even so, it shows how hypocritical they are.

  • adam

    Ya but now matt is going crazy and now wants to be in wwe again and im sure jeff will follow suit soon as well. THis was the first actually good buisness decision dixie carter made. I still dont think she should be running a wrestling company but whatever. ALso why did those three call shouldnt it of been hogan bichoff and jarrett cause there in “control” right.