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More Details on John Cena’s Divorce, Jericho Missing RAW Live Event Tonight

– WWE will hold a RAW live event in Glens Falls, New York tonight at the Glens Falls Civic Center. Chris Jericho won’t be at the show as he is attending the Van Halen concert in Canada tonight.

– TMZ has posted an update on John Cena’s wife filing from divorce. They posted the video of Cena kissing his wife at ringside when RAW was in Boston before WrestleMania 28 but added that Cena was already a wreck over the state of his marriage. TMZ reports that Cena was not shy about discussing his marriage problems backstage with his co-workers.

TMZ reports that Cena’s relationship with Liz Huberdeau began to deteriorate shortly after they got married in 2009 and the arguing has escalated over the past few months, including spats over the remodeling of their home in Florida.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Cena wouldn’t let her get over.

  • Angry Benny

    Damn! I wish I could go to Van Halen with Jericho, that would be awesome, oh yeah! Cena, you should of let her decorate the house, would’ve save you millions, but whatever, hope it all goes well

  • nikki

    stay as bf/gf when you get married things change for both and you either divorce or stay together hating eachother

  • Mr E.

    He’ll just bury his wife in court. Stupid Cena, won’t let anyone go over…

  • bitex

    I hope things work for Cena, he’s a very hard working man.

    On a side note, maybe Cena is really SUPER afterall, just like CC said, he has been no-selling everything from his marriage troubles to his brother cancer to being DDT’d on concrete floor. We wouldn’t have known about his personal issues if he never wanted us to know.

    That’s what I call being a freaking man! I wish him the best

  • Robinson

    Must be nice to just be able to miss a day of work for a concert lol.

  • Whooper

    Cena’s going to hit his 5 moves of doom and the marriage will be fixed

  • rko

    Remodeling of the home was a fight Cena should have known he’d never win. Submit to women’s wants and needs as long as they submit in the kitchen and bed I always say.

  • Logan

    I’ll root just for any pro-wrestler cause it is a hard life they live, I’m sure all of us, or at least a good majority, know a personal life can be for them. It’s just his on screen character that I can’t stand. Really…I can’t. To quote Owen Hart “Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change!”

  • nick

    Im not agaisnt gays, or gay myself. I actually have a friend who is, and thats not a problem to me. I have a girlfriend, and i dont feel as if theres anything wrong with making a joke.

  • Superman

    ^^^ idiot .. Did you know people who frequently call others gay for “jokes” usually harbor homoerotic tendencies and there for are usually homosexual and trying to hide it by claming to make jokes of others? Think about it and look to yourself to see who hides these dildos .

  • nick

    Liz:Honey, I think that new sofa we bought should go over there
    Cena: Bitch, thats where my Justin Bieber Stuff goes
    Liz: Honey, please just this once listen to me, and put your Bieber fan merch in the basement
    Cena: How am I gonna do that when the basement is full of dildos and Dwanye “THE ROCK” Johnston merchendise?!!

  • Stevie P

    Arguing over remodeling the house? #firstworldproblems

  • CC

    He will probably no sell the divorce proceedings anyway.

  • Shawn

    We finally found a fight Super Cena just can’t win.

  • Mojojojo

    Lol, getting divorced because they can’t agree over the remodeling of a house. SMH

  • the_electrifying_one

    Sad to hear about this Cena. Takes a strong man to go through what he has been through (including his brothers cancer). One time Im rooting for Super Cena!