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More Details on JTG Being Upset with WWE, Doane Comments on Kelly-Maria

– Former WWE star Ken Doane speculates that the online beef between Maria Kanellis and Kelly Kelly has something to do with WWE Champion CM Punk, who has a history with both Divas. Doane wrote:

“Oh shit maria calling out kelly. I cud be wrong here but i wonder if this has to do with a certain punk in wwe. Maria gonna get haters now. I like both ladies so I think I should ref a match between them both #knowwhatimean I always thought maria was a sweetheart. And well I def know kelly is a sweetheart. #peaceladies”

– We noted before that JTG and other WWE midcard talents were upset about the WrestleMania 28 payoffs, which is why JTG took to Twitter on Monday night to speak about about his position in the company. It’s said that their WrestleMania payoffs were just a few thousand dollars.

It was first reported that some people backstage did not think JTG was trying to get fired but some that are closer to him say otherwise.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Dan

    I can understand JTG would be disappointed, but I don’t think he really has a case. He gets a smaller pay-off because he’s not a big star. In any sport the bigger star players get paid more, same in acting, main actors get bigger pay cheques, extras and minor actors get paid less.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Punk was with Kelly Kelly too?

  • Ray

    Im pretty sure JTG’s issue isnt that he sat on his ass to collect a small paycheck. Im sure his real issue is that he wants to bust his ass to earn a bigger one and he feels he has not been given this opportunity.

  • mark

    Yep he needs to shut the fuck up. As far as JTG is concerned why doesnt he just ask for his release if thats wot he wants

  • Razor Jamón

    I don’t know Mane, but da sad Guy likes this Doane guy. He remind me of bacon.

  • PinkSinCara

    Does W.E. have to report everything Ken Doane says?? Next he’ll claim that Dolph Ziggler is a closet homo and once begged him to “slap my ass and call me Nicky!”

  • Matt

    Kenny needs to stop ‘weighing in’ on shit that has nothing to do with him and his irrelevant ass.

  • Nick

    i would be happy to own some money while sitting on my ass.