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More Details on Kelly Kelly’s WWE Release

As noted earlier, Kelly Kelly was released today by WWE. The release was said to be mutual but she had told friends that is was unlikely she would be returning at any time soon when she first asked for a leave of absence.

Kelly Kelly has been working on several non-wrestling projects as of late, including an Energy Drink ad campaign with several UFC fighters that was shot earlier this week. Kelly returned to WWE in August for a few weeks, and appeared to be back for good. Those close to the situation said it was only for a few weeks and she was still looking at doing her own thing.


  • Tombstone

    Why? Because you read it on the internet so it has to be true?

  • art


  • Tombstone

    @barry horowitz
    Yeah I know you keep wanting to see me masturbate but it aint happening fag boy. Not once did I say I could get Kelly, But I bet I would have a hell of a better chance than you ever would. Now go back to your 280lb bearded goat lady girlfreind loser.

  • barry horowitz

    @Tombstone sorry bro’ looks like you’ll have to go back to masturbating to the sears catalogue again ya fuckin loser. “you guys are just jealous cuz you cant get a girl like her” and you can? mr. fuckin hugh hefner of the internet you must be a real sensation with the ladies popping your pimples at your moms house while your dad watches and criticizes your thumb action…maybe the reason people didnt like kelly is because she isnt a wrestler…typically people like their female wrestlers to be actual wrestlers,kelly was great when she was mike knox’s valet and did the expose’ but thats all shes good at..taking off her clothes like any bikini model whore.

  • KpNuttzLol

    Whether you like Kelly Kelly or not, you can’t help but weep for what’s left of the Diva’s Division. She may not have been “good” but she had experience and could at least carry a match because of that.

    With her out and Phoenix going, Natalya, Layla and Tamina are going to have to do their best to bring some credibility back to what’s left of the Diva’s.

  • Tombstone

    Yeah keep on telling yourself that and maybe one day you will actually believe it.

    @Myke Ezko
    Whats the matter, didn’t think we could read it the first time?

  • Little Jimmy

    WWE are funny because 15-20+ superstars scream out release ME. Yet it seems the only “Releases” These days are the “Mutual” Ones. The Roster needs a Big Revamp In my opinion. The Roster if you have a look it is too overcrowded. A roster this big would only work if the Brand Split was still relevant but its not so its time for some releases.

  • I am glad to see her go she was so annoying and couldn’t wrestle for crap, Now for the release of John Cena

  • I glad to see her leave, she was so annoying. Now its time for the release of John Cena

  • eric

    tombstone i wouldn’t want a girl like kelly. who has had sex with half of wwe roster. no thanks. i date real girls. who don’t getting on with half of guys. kelly is not that good looking. too much makeup. no curves padded pushup bra. no thanks. i date classy girls.

  • Tombstone

    @gorgeous girl
    You are absolutely right. I for one am going to miss seeing Kelly on WWE each week. All these dudes on here hatin on Kelly are jealous because they know they will never have a chance in hell of getting a girl like her.

  • eric

    kelly had no passion for wwe. she was one of worst wrestler. since ashley botch queen masaro. maybe wwe should start hiring women who can wrestle. have binki models as valets. as binki models were in 90’s in pro wrestling valets. there is alot great women wrestlers wrestling in indy scence. sara del ray, haley hatred, daffney, cherry bomb etc if wwe would hire some indy women wrestlers. instead of models. wwe divas would be alot better divison. jim cornette talk about talent relation department. He compare to when jim ross was evp talent relations vs johnny ace as evp talent relations. on youtube jc says jim ross hired athletes and people with wrestling backgrounds. johnny ace hires bodybuilders and binki models. We can see those bodybuilders and binki models. Are not really working out for wwe. wwe needs to have jim ross as evp talent relations. jim ross knows talent. johnny ace is joke!

  • art

    Kelly needed to go like 4 years ago,just shes awful & couldn’t wrestle her way out of a wet paper bag……

  • gorgeous girl

    it just goes to show that people who work for the wwe dont want to stay in the company for ever or for the rest of their lives and that they just want to move on from wwe and persue the things that they did not get to do when working in the wwe and being away and on the road for an entire year or more shows theres life after the wwe
    and there is no reason to disrespect kelly kelly you people dont know her and there is no need to judge her she chose to move on from wwe and go on to do other things with her life

  • Will Henderson

    @mtlhitman, MVP quit the WWE because he saw that he was jobbing a lot and wanted to leave, and not to mentioned, MVP wanted to go to New Japan, it was a dream of his since he became a wrestler. and Tyler Rex quit because he had just became a dad and realized he didn’t want to miss out on new born child’s life by being on the road with The WWE or any other wrestling company so he retired to focus on family life and a new tech support type job.

    the rest of those relases in the past were ether budget cuts at WWE, creative had nothing for them, or they got sick of working for the WWE and wanted to wrestle elsewhere or just retire from the sport.

  • Zedd

    I get the feeling by your comment that you think MVP had no passion for Wrestling, nothing can be farther from the truth. He’s doing good in NJPW

  • Buttercastle

    Why are you even interested in actual women’s wrestling? Do you watch the WNBA too? The divas are there for eye candy, and now my eyes are full of tears and not candy. F u Vince.

  • James

    What the hell did you just say?

  • d2

    mvp didn’t leave wrestling i believe he is wrestling in new japan or some promotion over seas

  • Wwe needs bring women wrestlers and let the hooters models be valets, this is why Beth and kelly are gone. Beth wanted wrestling not modelling and kelly vise versa

  • mtlhitman

    This girl can leave i dont care at all and im seriously tired of wrestler/diva like her lesnars M.V.P tyler rekk that leave wrestling like that out of the blue.Wrestling need to bring back the gimmicks more wrestlers that really love this sport entertainement from day 1 t’il your last day.Passion and Desire was and will ever be the key to succes.

  • SYM

    Really I’m surprised No one has said this yet but………HOLLA!