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More Details on Lesnar’s Extreme Rules Tantrum, Speculation on His WWE Future

– As seen on RAW last night, WWE temporarily wrote Brock Lesnar out of the storylines by having his contract status “up in the air” following the attack on Triple H in the opener. WWE’s announcers stressed that Lesnar’s future is in doubt with the company. WWE only has Lesnar for several dates per month and will have to come up with creative ways to keep him in and out of the storylines.

We noted earlier that Brock Lesnar had a meltdown backstage after his loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules. Lesnar was upset about Cena’s post-match promo because the original plan had Cena getting stretchered out. Lesnar felt that he was made to look weak and WWE officials double crossed him. reports that WWE’s new mentality with Lesnar is that they’re paying a lot of money for a guy who is not their top guy, so he should be used when he can to put over their top talents. People in Lesnar’s camp were feeling like WWE was just testing Lesnar by having Cena cut the post-match speech.

Brock was told before the Extreme Rules match that Cena would go out on a stretcher and look totally incapacitated and be injured. Lesnar went nuts backstage in front of everyone, tearing things up and throwing a tantrum. Lesnar specifically yelled at Marc Carano, the assistant to John Laurinaitis, about how things are a mess and everything is wrong in WWE. Some felt that part of the tantrum was just an act by Lesnar to show to the locker room that he could quit at any minute. Some of those same people felt that WWE officials could have been involved in Lesnar trying to work the other talents.

Lesnar also suggested that Cena intentionally pulled down the top rope at Extreme Rules, causing him to nearly blow out his knee in the bad spot towards the end of the match where they both tumbled over to the floor. Again, most believe that there is no real heat between Cena and Lesnar over this and this also could have been part of an act by Lesnar.

Despite what’s an act and what’s part of the TV storylines, sources insist that Lesnar’s status and future with WWE is a sticky situation. While Lesnar vs. Triple H is in the works for SummerSlam, some in the company are already predicting that he will end up working the remaining big pay-per-view events of 2012, Royal Rumble 2013 and then WrestleMania 29 before being done with the company.


  • Jon

    Lesnar has been the type of person that doesn’t get what he wants he crys and pouts. His first run the WWE he didn’t get the contract he wanted so he left to pursit football which we all know he fail. After that he went to UFC making him automatic major stardom but he lost his first match agianst Mir. But he cried and automacatily got the Hevightweight title. He always beat MMA fighters that where past there prime even beat Mir agian but with no MMA skill until Valaquiese pulmuet him for the title, then he basically coward to the WWE doing move he should of done at UFC, demanding stuff from WWE etc, but WWE did a right thing and letting Cena win. Cena doesn’t go on demanding stuff he prove in the ring. Yes when he was Super Cena. Sunday night he prove that he can really wrestle and show respect after. Unlike Brock who would problary disrepect the crowd like he did at UFC. Lesnar has always been like this. Edge is right on this one he doesn’t care about WWE more about himself. Lesnar back because he wants Undertaker so Lesner complaining and not careing is nothing new. LESNER IS PATHIEIC TO THIS BUSINESS.

  • b c Mitchell

    I don’t really care for him either. Im interested to see if he goes down like HHH. People hated him just as bad a few years back when he did the same things. Nobody could beat Hunter. He’d get his ass kicked and then pull out the high knee followed by the knee drop facebuster. Then a good old spinebuster with a kick and a pedigree to finish every single match. Now though everyone seems to have nothing but positive reviews about him and his career despite his history of burying as much talent as possible. Just wonder if in 10 years we’ll all long for the glory days of Cena too.

  • N8daGr8

    Actually I couldn’t give a toss about fitting or trying to be cool. I’m giving my opinion about Cena and I just happen to be part of a verb large group who is over is same old super Cena boring shit. Trust me buddy if I saw him in real life I would tell him exactly what I think. I’m sure he gets it all the time. Just watch the One Night Stand PPV. I would be one of they guys in that crowd saying what they feel about him. You have to ask yourself why more than any other wrestler in history he has all this criticism towards him. And why than any other time in WWF/WWE that people want change. The simple fact of it all is he just will never have the respect of a majority of fans. So no use crying about it because it will never happen. And everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Don’t like it then go bitch to another Cena fan.

  • Jason L

    Brock Lesnar = Legit but Crybaby Douchebag

  • Reverse prince albert

    Bottom line is Brock is a much better wrestler then Cena and deserves more respect. WWE lied to him and double crossed him thats pathetic. if brock lied to Vince or Paul.. i bet they would throw a bigger tantrum. and Cena would be crying during his promos about it!

  • b c Mitchell

    This is another great example of how no matter what Cena can’t win with people. He did his job and cut a promo like he was told to do. Everybody would be bitching if he had won and got carried off. “So what he had enough to make a short comeback and win but not walk out on his own?” I can hear that shit now. Also all of you would be complaining he stole the end of the Taker/HHH matches by winning and being stretchered out. Fact is everyone is gonna bitch about Cena mo matter what he does because it’s the easy way to show how cool and hip you are and that you’re a serious wrestling fan. Hate Cena because every other faceless keyboard cowboy on the ‘net does too so now you belong and fit in.

  • CM Mark

    I have to admit there were some points in the Lesnar/Cena match that I thought to myself, wow, is this still wrestling? I did enjoy it in some weird way, but I would prefer a wrestling match, rather than a weird mma hybrid thing as a ppv main event.

    I wonder, how long until we get the CM Punk backstage unhappy with Lesnar around story?

  • CC

    @Kris. Did you see the Taker/HHH match at WM last year? You know, the one where Taker won but was stretchered out while the loser walked away.

  • N8daGr8

    See this is the reason a majority of fans don’t like Cena. He gets pummeled for 90% of the match, does 2 moves and wins. And on top of that all he had to do would be to get carried out or helped out of the ring and what does he do instead, he cuts a stupid ass promo straight after getting fucked up. That’s why he will never be on the undertakers level or triple h’s because they sell beatings and do their job and have respect from a majority of the fans. Just fuck off already Super Cena you talentless fuck!!

  • Kris

    So how does he win and get strectchered out? just curious

  • Jason

    All I know is that ending to the match was bullshit. Biggest bullshit ending to a PPV in the last five years imo.

  • ChadBrokill

    Lesnar is worried about looking weak? On the night of his return he gave Cena one kick in the stomach, walked around a bit then F5’d him. Apparently, Cena cant take a single Lesnar kick without becoming completely unable to struggle at all. I know that was storyline but that makes Cena look way weaker than Lesnar did after their match.

  • nnac

    i doubt lesnar actually had a meltdown… i smell a work or bs

  • Men on a Mission

    “…some in the company are already predicting that he will end up working the remaining big pay-per-view events of 2012, Royal Rumble 2013 and then WrestleMania 29 before being done with the company.”

    Okay, um, why do you have to PREDICT this when he signed a 1-year deal with 25 appearances? Isn’t it obvious that this is the way it’s supposed to go down with Lesnar? The speculation should be about whether he gets fired or quits before WrestleMania 29.

  • kane

    He’s only working a limited number of dates. Most of which will be used up between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. If they use him on tv a lot now, they’ll have to pay him even more money later. No big deal. He’ll be back later.

  • b c Mitchell

    Was unaware Edge had referred to Brock as a merc. I haven’t been watching on a regular basis just going by what I read. I personally do not like Lesnar as a person. He’s talented as a performer and a world class athlete no doubt. He’s also an arrogant prick who believes himself bigger than whatever profession or industry he currently devotes himself to. I don’t see why Cena absolutely had to put him over. The WWE has promoted Brock as a massive star upon arrival who doesn’t need validation. Why have Cena lose? It’ll just make the entire WWE look even dumber when Brock inevitably gets tired and stays home in a few months

  • bloodstone

    sheep dog and poko is the only one here making any sense .cena been working none stop except a few months he was out with injuries and he get’s dumped on by all the cena haters im not a fan of cena but guess what i don’t want to see cena i don’t watch cena now onto brock he comes back has one match and on raw twice now everybody acts like we should just kiss his ass like he some kind of god

  • Lex

    I never heard about The Rock having a tantrum backstage….

  • TheSheepDog

    why cant people just take it for what it is? we all know VKM doesnt ever let shit go down his not rubber stamped and im sure he has in brocks contract if he pulls any shit like last time, his gone.

    seriously people get out from behind your screens and do something practical..its ok the internet will still be here when you return.

    #barr sheep barr

  • poko

    The mercenary character is interesting, and they can do a lot with it, but the man himself is kind of an ass, so I could see this being true either way.

    The fact is, he’s making a LOT of money, and he was put over massively even if he lost, so he really should just shut the hell up and do what he’s told. He’s been sloppy as hell since he’s returned, so I won’t cry if he goes away again, either. That being said, either Punk or Orton beating Lesnar would boost thier legitimacy; especially Punk, who has been made to look second-fiddle to Cena, even though he holds the title.

    Honestly, if he’s just going to quit again and talk about how much he hates wrestling until he needs money, then he should NOT be winning feuds against top-level guys who are in for the long haul.

  • ant

    @b c mitchell..dude just cuz edge said that dosent make it true in the wrestling world he call that a PROMO buddyboy

  • ant

    i mean heres the thing cena should have put over lesnar in that match i mean im not sayin cena dosent put people over but geez atleast sell the extreme ass woopin u just took

  • b c Mitchell

    Lesnar isn’t being hated on as bad because nobody expects him to stick around for too long and for the most part most people don’t care of he does. We want Rock to stick around and hate that he can’t be around as much as we’d all like. Lesnar isn’t worth the effort it would take to hate him. He’s a mercenary who doesn’t give a shit if the company is better when he leaves. As long as his bank account is fine

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    “so he should be used when he can to put over their top talents”

    Does Cena, Triple H, possibly Orton, Rock, and Taker really need to be put over? Punk and Sheamus I guess I could understand, but most of the guys that Lesnar will be facing most likely don’t need to be put over.

    I think Lesnar should have either won and/or they should have gone with the original stretcher angle. I mean it was believable, Lesnar beat the shit out of Cena. Great fight regardless, looking forward to what happens with Lesnar from here on out.

  • Jon

    This shows how Lesner is

  • 1919dpg

    @shawn that’s stupid. just because he doesn’t go completely apeshit you say it’s a work? he blew off some steam and moved on…

  • 1919dpg

    just go back to the ring and f5 him…

  • Shawn

    Did you read the article? This all was a work. If Lesnar was really pissed he would have either a.) Come out and beat the shit out of Cena while he was giving the promo, b.) Not showed up at Raw or c.) Showed up at Raw and legitimately hurt someone.

    Since none of the above happened, it’s safe to conclude it was ALL A WORK. Damn, Lesnar’s a better actor than I thought. Everyone is getting fooled.

  • Jake

    So where is the hate that The Rock was receiving, only this time being directed at Lesnar?