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Details on the Mark Henry Incident at Tuesday’s Tapings, Vince McMahon’s Involvement

– As noted earlier in the week, a strange incident happened with Mark Henry after Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings where he was sent out for a dark main event and waited for around 20 minutes while several theme songs hit but no opponent came out.

Word going around WWE is that the whole thing was a big rib on Henry to see how long he would stay in the ring before getting mad and storming off, which he did. Henry was actually told that he would be wrestling a dark main event against Sin Cara. He and Cara actually called spots for their match earlier in the evening.

Henry was sent to the ring and when he went to cut a promo to set up Cara’s entrance, the mic was cut out. Henry finally stormed to the back and demanded to know what was going on. Vince McMahon’s theme song was the last one played during the rib, which is fitting because the whole thing was Vince’s personal joke on Henry.

Vince had already left the arena but according to a source, he directed the entire thing via cell phone. A source in WWE production adds that producer Kevin Dunn was in on the whole thing also, laughing as it was going on.

The impression left backstage among the other talents was that it was funny, but misplaced. The feeling was that it’s one thing to pull a joke on one wrestler from another, but when WWE is doing the jokes it sends a bad message, especially when they are ribbing a veteran like Mark Henry. It was also pointed out how WWE shouldn’t have pulled a joke on Henry at the fans expense who had to sit through it and were expecting a match.

Source: PWInsider

  • Wellsy

    It’s pretty unprofessional.

    Jokes should be kept in the locker room, not on the show. What if he’d have stayed there longer? I wouldn’t have liked to have been in the crowd for half an hour expecting to see a match and it not happening.

  • Eddie

    Vince McMahon has a very pathetic sense of humour. Personally, I couldn’t give a crap about Mark Henry but that’s a very weak thing to do to someone who has provided 15 years of service to what is a shit company. Oh, and I hate TNA.

  • Devil_Rising

    See people, this is why WWE sucks nowadays, and why Vince McMahon is the biggest windbag of all time. IF this is true, for him to pull a “rib” on a wrestler, in a dark match main event that fans are sticking around to see…that is just lame. I would have been pissed if I had been a fan there having paid my hard earned money just to see a headscratching “joke” played on a wrestler by Vince, who couldn’t even be bothered to be there for it. What an incredibly lame turn of events.

  • Marky Mark

    This was awesome. Stupid loser smarks, suck it!

  • Buttercastle

    So what was the point behind the joke? Did Vince just feel like doing it to a random person or was there a reason he chose Mark Henry?

  • venom

    Mark Henry standing in the ring for 20 minutes is better than seeing oldman river I mean Hogan trying to get in the ring while ripping his shirt. As much as I was a Sting fan, he is almost on the same page as Hogan and Flair.

  • ICE

    wow people are actually mad for sitting in a chair for 20 minutes? the dark match wasnt even advertised, dark matches are a bonus. get over it, its only 20 minutes stop whining

  • Jacob

    By the way, You WWE and TNA fanboys need to stop it. Both Companies are terrible right now and arguing over who is better is like arguing over a bucket of turd and a bottle of piss.

  • Jacob

    Another case of Vince McMahon keeping the black man down

  • muh boy

    what they did to henry was horrible. i really dont like seeing the guy in the ring but to treat one of your workers like that is shit. wrestling obviously doesnt matter to wwe. why even keep henry if vince feels this way?

  • venom

    TNA’s joke is when Hogan and friends show up on tv.

  • erik

    @not a wrestling fan. your screen name says it all. if you are not a wrestling fan. why do you watch wwe and tna? since wwe is #1 wrestling company in world!

  • Tna ribs the fans every Thursday night when there show airs on all u wwe haters quit crying..tna sucks ass..wwe forever

  • 6burgh

    Mark Henry should be happy he still has a job!!! I dont know how or even why, but he does.

  • Steve

    It’s still not as bad as TNA pulling a joke every Thursday at the expense of TNA followers.

  • dlb

    isn’t this sorta like how they gave him a silver ecw belt instead of gold because he was the silverback gorilla? sexual chocolate must be one hell of a good sport.
    if i was a fan there i would be pissed to sit through more crap waiting for a match that never happens, very unprofessional from a business standpoint.

  • Destiny

    Why is it okay for other wrestlers to play a joke on each other, but once its the boss its not funny anymore? Geeze what closed off world do those people live in? My boss and I joke around all the time. Sure it shouldn’t have gone on 20 mins, but it didn’t say Henry was upset when he found out it was a joke…He very well could have laughed himself. Plus if you weren’t at the show to sit through it, you really have no right to b**ch.

  • Crispin_Wah


    The problem isn’t that they played a joke on Mark Henry. The problem is that they led paying customers to believe that there would be another match, kept them waiting for 20 minutes, then never delivered anything. Does that sound like good business to you?

  • You Saw it Coming

    Because he was Black right?

  • Myers

    @Angry Dude
    Yeah really. “That would have ruined the show for me” please! If the article said that everybody found it hilarious nobody would be complaining about it. It was a joke, and pretty damn funny, I am tired of people bitching about random shit that has 0 effect on the tv show. Vince was having fun so please keep the crying to yourselves.

  • Crispin_Wah

    Vince McMahon is a piece of shit.

  • Angry Dude

    stop complaining . it was a joke.

  • Bill

    Stupid WWE. That would’ve ruined the show for me.

  • jason

    who are we suppose to give a crap about TNA is the worst its ever been i dont want to watch that shit the only other wrestling company on tv for me is WWE and WWE has my favorite superstars and Divas. it was a joke mark will get over it just like everyone else

  • Jimbo

    WWE doesn’t give a crap about the fans. It’s time for the fans to stop giving a crap about WWE.