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Details on Cena’s Next WWE Film, Bulgarian Miroslav Signed, NXT News and more

– John Cena’s next WWE film will be Blood Brothers. The film will be shot in New Mexico (the first film not shot by them in Louisiana in some time) and will tell the story of a trio of brothers who try to free a billionaire from a Mexican prison.

– Chris Jericho was scheduled for the Westwood Collegiate reunion next week.

– WWE has signed “The Bashing Bulgarian” Miroslav from the Knokx Pro wrestling school in California to a developmental. He is from Bulgaria and was rained by Gangrel and Rikishi. Miroslav is the second WWE signing from Knoko as the company previously signed was Alberto Del Rio’s ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, who is a trained wrestler.

– In the US, NXT will become an Internet show from this point forward. The series is supposed to become more interactive, with a relaunched NXT section of the website. Vickie Guerrero vs. Kaitlin is scheduled for next week.

  • Mannul

    Cena will be filming that moving right by my house. Yay,another chance to flip him off right in his face again! I did it twice already!

  • Marc is a retard

    Amish is a retard.

  • renjyu

    This is the best bulgarian wrestler after our legendary “Balkan Lion” Dan Kolov.I wish him good luck and to rock WWE like no one did it before!Go BULGARIA,Go MIROSLAV!!!

  • Trixie

    Yeah this post was rittled with mistakes that should have been fixed before they posted this. Good grief. Proof read!!

  • CiB

    “He is from Bulgaria and was rained by Gangrel and Rikishi.”

    I think there’s a “t” missing. I certainly hope so.

  • CC

    Jesus WWE, give it up already. Even the kids aint interested in Cena movies … take the hint.
    And lets face it, the fact that he doesnt take any time off to do the movies, shows how little effort is put into them.