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Details on Matt Hardy’s TNA Deal, New Title Belt in the Works, Steiner

– Apparently Scott Steiner is now signed to a new deal with TNA and not working on a per-night deal.

– TNA officials are currently having a new World Heavyweight Title belt made for Mr. Anderson.

– Matt Hardy is reportedly signed to a three-year deal with TNA. It’s said that Matt is getting less money than his brother Jeff Hardy but the other details of their contracts are about the same. Matt wanted to help on the TNA creative team but officials wouldn’t guarantee it in his contract. They are however open to some of his ideas.

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  • andre lewis

    you ppl need to chill out i dont think matt hardy wanted to really wrestle that much longer i think he just wanted to be on the booking team in tna as for a new belt thats cool but i agree a tna belt for each wrestler is bullshyt thats to much like wwe this hogan era pisses me off tna doesnt look like tna anymore it looks like wwe light

  • Valo487

    Let’s see, a world title belt that looks like a microphone….

    And as far as Matt goes, I shudder to think what he wants to contribute creatively, other than trying to convince anyone who will listen that people really want to see him as World Champion.

  • adam

    NO eric young has it he is running around with it saying he is the real champ. Or he was doing that the last time he was on tv a few weeks ago.

  • Treg

    What? Did they just throw the old belt in the trash or something?

  • Satan

    TNA you don’t need to make a new belt for every wrestler who wolds it seriously it loses prestige this way just stick with one you originally had can you imagine Jeff Hardy’s belt on Anderson?? it would be a joke a lot like how the WWE “Spinner” championship looked on Edge,Randy Orton,Triple H WWE completely ruined the credibility and prestige of the WWE championship when they made it for 1 wrestler. If the belt they are making isn’t something gimmicky/exclusive for Anderson and just a regular championship then i don’t mind it but after that they should stop making new “world championships” it’s a joke.

  • adam

    Ya tna is done. Why waste money on another belt just grab the old one from eric young and have anderson hold that.This new one will prolly be as but ugly as the old one is a prolly with a giant microphone on it and it will say asshole everywere in silver or gold.

  • Truthiness


    TNA is doing just fine? HAHAHAHAHAHa!!! What have you been smoking? TNA is full of washed up has-been’s and boring never-was losers, with the exception of a few talented guys who are being misused. TNA is done. They brought in Hogan and Bischoff, and like the cancer that they are they ate all the life out of TNA. I’m sure they’ll come crawling back to WWE’s doorstep when they’re done.

  • JOE

    all i have to say is anderaon better have a long ass title cuz spending 18,000 for someone to carry it around for 3 1/2 months is a waste of that green

  • Rich

    @TomC..dude obviously all the stars wanna go to WWE..think about it..nash,booker t,sting,r-truth,gail kim,awesome kong..i mean u only go to tna if you”re contract expires or you get released or you dont want to work there hectic schedult..i watch tna for kurt angle,rob van dam,aj styles,and mr anderson(cuz he’s funny)..and maybe jeff hardy..without those guys i would never watch tna
    on another note though i”m glad they”re gonna create a tna world title cuz the old one looks like crap

  • TomC

    Truthiness . . . You’re such a pathetic WWE mark. TNA is doing just fine – and it KILLS you, doesn’t it?

    Tell you what … you go an enjoy your watered down, grade-school level “PG” programming with WWE, and those of us who actually remember what pro-wrestling entertainment is SUPPOSED to be will go on watching and supporting TNA, m’kay?

  • Truthiness

    There they go wasting more money on another belt.

    Matt Hardy on creative? I would put a clause in his contract that says if he ever goes anywhere near creative he’s fired. By the time his three year contract is up TNA will have been gone for 2 and a half years.

  • CC

    If the reported costs of the current dog ugly belt were true, then they would likely be paying similar money for a new one.
    If TNA stopped wasting money needlessly on rubbish like this, then they wouldnt be risking losing talent due to lowball offers.
    My bet is its not just the belts they are wasting money on either.

  • umpire4life

    tna doesn’t need a new world title. just bring back the old one.