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More Details on a New Partnership with WWE & AJPW

– We noted before that WWE has apparently agreed to partner with All Japan Pro Wrestling, a deal that John Laurinaitis helped put together. Early reports indicated that AJPW may be a new developmental territory for WWE.

New reports coming out of Japan suggest that WWE and AJPW may be doing a talent exchange, most likely for the proposed cruiserweight show on the WWE Network. This doesn’t mean that the possibility of a developmental territory in Japan is ruled out but the talent exchange is more likely.

The newspaper Tokyo Sports featured an image of Laurinaitis with AJPW President Masayuki Uchida. Apparently Laurinaitis has met with AJPW officials one other time this year besides the reported meeting in August when WWE was on tour in Japan.

There are also rumblings of some kind of talent exchange where Big Show may be sent to make an appearance for AJPW in exchange for a WWE appearance by The Great Muta. That report is not confirmed but we hope to have more solid details on the WWE-AJPW partnership soon.

  • k91xxx

    Great muta for hall of fame 2013

  • Zedd

    Even though i want Undertaker to retire now that he is 20-0 I would still LOVE to see The Great Muta vs The Undertaker

  • matthew carter

    Hopefully VKM/Triple H and company will get this one right…They really need to make up for dropping the ball with Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri several years ago- you don’t sign two huge Japanese Superstars such as Tajiri (even though he was an ECW guy) and Ultimo Dragon (even though he was in ECW the WCW, and one of the most decorated Japanese superstars ever)and not push them to the top, and give them less than mediocre storylines- you make those two main event status off the bat because of their reputations globally and the style they bring to the game. If they get Great Muta, they better get it right with him.

  • adam

    I think this was done because of tna’s international territory. So wwe did this to not be out done by tna. This could be intresting if Great Muta does show up for wwe and they get more international stars this has the potential to be HUGE for wwe.

  • Anh

    WTF ? The Great Muta appears in WWE ?? OMG !!
    Is there anything involve Tensai that day ??